AED Unit Locations

What is an automated external defibrillator (AED)?

An AED analyzes the heart's rhythm and tells a first aid provider to deliver a shock to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Where are they located?

AEDs are available and maintained throughout campus. You may download the PulsePoint Respond app to your mobile device.  PulsePoint is the app that alerts responders who know CPR to local emergencies near them and also to the location of the nearest AED.  You may also use the table below to find the AED location and model type.

AED locations and model type
Building Address AED location

Allison Field South

830 E. Bear Blvd. Trainer room

Blair-Shannon House

1001 E. Madison St.

Unit located under reception desk. To access unit, enter Blair from main doors off Madison St. Reception desk directly in front of entrance doors.

Brick City 3/4 215 W. Mill St. Inside lobby door

Carrington Hall

901 S. National Ave.

From front (east) entrance, down steps, AED housed in security case located on 1st floor north hallway. Cabinet is on the west wall next to the elevator.

Central Stores & Maintenance

945 E. Grand St.

West center entrance, unit is on the north wall in a cabinet.

Cheek Hall

825 S. National Ave. Main lobby

Craig Hall

1147 E. Grand St. Main lobby, by vending machines

Darr Agricultural Center – Bond Learning Center

2401 S. Kansas Ave. Main Hallway, behind reception desk

Darr Agricultural Center – Pinegar Arena

2401 S. Kansas Ave. Main East entrance, on south side of main hallway near the entrance

Forsythe Athletics Center

(Athletics Dept.)

827 S. Kings Ave.

Forsythe Athletics Center within Athletics Training Room 109 on first floor.

Foster Recreation Center

945 E. Madison St. Two units: One unit is located under the reception desk; the other is on the lower level in the lifeguard office (FFRC012) within the Aquatic Center
Glass Hall 851 S. John Q. Hammons Pkwy. First floor, main hallway, near Room 102

Greenwood Laboratory School

1024 E. Harrison St.

(1) Unit is located in the main office on the north counter, east end

(2) In hallway by the gymnasium.

Hammons House

1001 E. Harrison St.

Unit located behind reception desk in cabinet on north wall under fax machine. To access unit, enter main entrance doors located at u-drive on Harrison St. Reception desk is on south wall center; AED in cabinet.

Hammons Student Center

731 E. Bear Blvd.

(1) East gym entrance

(2) Inside Room 201 

(3) Unit is mounted in the hallway outside of Room 126 in the basement.

Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts

525 John Q. Hammons Pkwy.

In hall located in middle of bldg. (between 2 main doors). Interlude lobby area (coat check/information desk), mounted on the wall.

JQH Arena

685 John Q. Hammons Pkwy.

Main entrance

JVIC 524 N. Boonville Ave.

First floor lobby

Additional units located in:
Building 1, Floor 6
Building 1, Floor 7
Building 3, Floor 1
Building 3, Floor 3

Kentwood Hall

700 East St. Louis St. Front lobby by mailboxes

Magers Health & Wellness Center

715 S. Florence Ave.

In Room 107A

McDonald Arena

850 S. Kings Ave.

Located in room 103 (main office), under counter on south wall. To access unit, enter building off of Kings Ave. through the entrance on northwest side. Proceed down hallway & follow hallway to left. Room 103 is last door on right prior to entering foyer.

McQueary Family Health Sciences Hall – MSU Physical Therapy Clinic

606 E. Cherry St. Room 101 in the cabinet by the sink

Meyer Alumni Center

300 S. Jefferson Ave.

Located in the lobby outside Room 100

Meyer Library

850 S. John Q. Hammons Pkwy.

Room 105, behind east end of the computer lab help desk.

MSU Care Clinic – O’Reilly Clinical Health Sciences Center 117 Park Central Square Enter clinic front door; the unit is in the north hallway on the south wall in a cabinet.

Park Central Office Building

117 Park Central Square Main lobby by reception
Plaster Center for Free Enterprise 405 N. Jefferson Ave. In lobby near elevator

Plaster Stadium – West bleachers

1025 E. Grand St.

North entrance on west side, east wall by the handball court check out area in the AED cabinet

Plaster Stadium – East bleachers

1015 E. Grand St. MSU Football Locker Room

Plaster Student Union

1110 E. Madison St.

From northeast building entrance, AED is adjacent from information desk on south wall in AED security case. Case is east of the phones on the same wall as the study area.

Professional Building

609 E. Cherry St.

Sports Medicine Office, Room 160 on filing cabinet.

Strong Hall

900 S. Holland Ave.

By front main entrance.

Temple Hall

910 S. John Q. Hammons Blvd. First floor hallway, by room 142