Faculty Senate Approved Learning Outcomes

Current Learning Outcomes

Download faculty senate approved learning outcomes (October 2, 2012)

Archived Learning Outcome Information

The Task Force on General Education Revision developed a draft of proposed general learning goals, rationale, and specific learning outcomes for Missouri State students by drawing from the American Association of Colleges and University’s recommended learning goals as well as those of other institutions in Missouri and across the country.

CGEIP considered and revised these in March. They will be further considered by the Faculty Senate in April.

We ask that the campus community review these proposed goals and outcomes.Please send any questions and suggestions about the recommendations to your Faculty Senate or CGEIP representatives, for their consideration.

The Task Force will also recommend a revised curricular framework that should provide pathways for meeting these goals.Upon approval of the curricular framework and a recommended assessment plan, there will be a call for proposals for courses, with clear guidelines for incorporating the proposed learning outcomes and their corresponding assessment plans.

Download Task Force Proposed General Learning Goals (March 7, 2012 version)

Download CGEIP Proposed Learning Goals and Outcomes (March 28, 2012 version) 

Download Faculty Senate Approved Learning Outcomes (May 3, 2012 version)


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