Professional Leave

Ranked faculty members (including ranked faculty members who are serving in administrative
positions) are eligible to apply for leave to engage in professional development activities not
covered by sabbatical or educational leaves. Eligibility is established by completing 12
semesters of service to Missouri State University (summer teaching excepted). The activity for
which leave is requested must be beneficial to both the faculty member and the University. The
professional leave will provide opportunities such as educational experiences for enhanced
expertise within the faculty member’s academic discipline or in another discipline, curriculum
development projects, expanded use of instructional technologies, or similar activities not
directly related to research or the acquisition of an advanced degree.

A faculty member granted a professional leave will be entitled to university support amounting to
full pay for a half-year’s leave and no less than one-half pay for a full year’s leave. Faculty
members on professional leave will receive salaries in 12 monthly payments. They will
participate in the retirement program and will have their fringe benefits paid by the University.

A professional leave is not an automatic right; applications must be submitted according to the
deadline specified in the Academic Work Calendar prior to the academic year for which the
leave is requested. Applications will be submitted to the Faculty Leave Committee for its
recommendation to the Provost. All applicants must be notified of the final decision regarding
their applications by the end of the first complete week of February. Only one proposal from a
faculty member is to be considered during a single academic year.

Following the professional leave, the faculty member is obligated to return to Missouri State
University for at least one year. Within 30 days after the leave period, the faculty member will
submit to the Provost, appropriate Department Head and college Dean, and to the chair of the
Faculty Leave Committee a report of professional activities conducted while on leave.

In computing years of service that will apply toward eligibility for promotion, time spent on
professional leave will be counted. A faculty member who has taken a sabbatical or
professional leave is not eligible for another paid leave until the completion of 12 semesters of
service to Missouri State University subsequent to the paid leave.