School Cancellation Policy

Op3.29 School Cancellation Policy

When the University is closed or classes are cancelled due to emergency or inclement weather situations, an official announcement will be issued through the news media (television and radio), MSU’s mass notification system and via the Missouri State homepage. Responsibility for inclement weather procedures is shared by Administrative Services, Marketing and Communications and the Provost.

Unless and until an official closing announcement is issued, faculty members are expected to hold classes as usual, and employees should assume that activities will continue as normal. If classes are cancelled, but offices remain open, employees should report to work as scheduled. If offices are closed, employees are not to report to work unless they are notified or have been given prior instructions to report as part of essential services. It is the responsibility of each vice president to designate which employees are to report to work. The major administrator of the operation will be responsible for ensuring that needed employees are notified. Additional information regarding the impact of severe weather closings on staff can be found in section 2.15 of the Employee Handbook.