Our Process

Op12.03-3 Our Process

The office of publications generates the text, often referred to as copy, for a number of regular university publications. However, other projects are required to have the copy submitted on CD or via email in text format. The copy may be edited to fit a consistent style used in other university publications.

As the client, you will be involved in the proofing process from start to finish. You will proof and approve the project at several stages during the process, and you will give the final approval before the project is delivered to the printer. Although the office of publications also proofs the material, the responsibility of making sure everything is accurate rests with the client.

After the project has been approved, the office of publications will find a suitable printer, either Missouri State printing services or an outside printing establishment, and will handle the required bidding process. The office will monitor the progress of the project while it is being printed. If the publication was printed on-campus, a representative from the office of publications will notify the client of the project's completion. The publication will be available to be picked up at Printing Services, located at 2335 E. Chestnut Expressway, Suite 128C, or at CopyThis, located in Plaster Student Union 210.

Publications printed off-campus will be delivered to the Missouri State receiving dock, unless otherwise noted. Delivery to the client will be coordinated by the receiving dock and the office of publications.