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Bystander intervention training

No trainings will be offered in Fall 2020.

During this training, students will:

  • Learn more about the roles of the bystander.
  • Understand the basic elements of culture change and the positive contribution outcomes.
  • Recognize behaviors of power-based personal violence.
  • Increase skills to safely intervene.
  • Recognize barriers that prevent students from intervening.
  • Develop realistic solutions to barriers.
  • Gain skills to proactively engage others to become part of the solution.
Available training sessions
Training session Date Time Location
Session A February 19th, 2020 4:00–9:00pm Cheek Hall 175

Session B

Will be announced in Spring semester 2020 4:00–9:00pm  
Session C Will be announced in Spring semester 2020 4:00-9:00pm  

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