Point in Time Grade Distributions

Course/Section Grade Distributions (Before Fall 2009)

Dynamic Report. Calculates % ABC/DFW Rates. Includes instructor, section, delivery method, and location. Includes individual grade counts. The college and department are Phoenix codes. Choose Course, Instructor, Grade Distribution for a formatted report with %. Choose Data File with Course, Instructor, College, Dept for a data export file with counts of ABC, DFW. Withdraws are included if they occurred after the 4th week census date of that academic period.


Source: Argos\Student\Campus-wide Grade\ODSPROD Course / Section Grade Distributions Before FA2009 (OLAP)
Updated: Information is archived census data for academic periods prior to Fall 2009.

Course/Section Grade Distributions (Fall 2009 and After) (user guide available)

Dynamic and Static Reports to examine ABC/DFW Counts, % and individual grade counts for courses at the end of the chosen semester. Includes section, delivery method, section type, instructor, campus, course level, course college, course department and course subject. These rates only include drops (W's) that occurred after the 4th week census date. Non-standard grades (P, NP, Z) are available in the dynamic report only.


Source: Student.Campus-wide Census.ODSPROD - Course/Section Grade Distributions FA2009 & After (OLAP) - Point in Time
Updated: Information is updated only at end of semester.