Archived Admissions Reports

Summary of admission by type of student, current class, college and department of major, ethnicity, geographic origin, and campus of registration. Archived reports previously provided by the Office of Enrollment Services. Information is only available prior to the Fall 2009 semester.


Source: Enrollment Management Services

Admissions Reports (user guide available)

This datablock uses the Educational Data Warehouse to look at snapshots of admissions data. Historical data only exists for the Fall 2010 and forward and data collection began on the 15th of May 2010. Data before this must be found through another source.


Source: Argos/Student/Campus-wide Student/ODSPROD - EDW Student Admission Department Data View/EDW Student Admission Department Data View Report (OLAP)

Admissions Dashboard

The Admissions Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of potential students that have applied for admission or been admitted to the university. The dashboard allows for trend analysis by comparing points in time during the admissions cycle for a selected academic period and previous years. Analysis of active applicants and active admits can be based on student population and includes information on academic preparedness, demographics, geographic origin, feeder schools, an applicant funnel, and enrollment yield. Includes ability to view OLAP analysis on demographic and academic dimensions for greater drill-down and customized analysis.


Source: Argos/Student/Dashboards/ODSPROD - Admissions Dashboard.Admissions Dashboard Active Applicant and Admitted Report