University Hearing Committee

Purpose: The University Hearing Panel (UHP), a five-member panel selected from the University Hearing Committee, reviews a grievance, response(s), complaint and documentation as part of the “Preliminary Requirements for PPRP Formal Review Process” as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

Membership: Faculty Handbook: “ Twenty-four tenured faculty members shall be elected by the Faculty Senate to serve three-year staggered terms as the University Hearing Committee (UHC). From this 24 member pool, 5-member UHP panels shall be selected as needed. The Faculty Senate shall select one-third of the UHC membership annually in the regular February meeting of the Faculty Senate for service beginning in the next academic year. These faculty members shall be nominated by their College Council which shall send two names annually to the Faculty Senate Office by February 1st. At least three of the twenty-four faculty members shall be from each college. (Replacements, where necessary, shall be appointed by the FSEC or filled by the Faculty Senate at the next annual appointment period.) A faculty member who is elected to the UHC may be re-elected to successive terms.”

2017–2018 Roster

Arts & Letters

Kelly Wood, CM, 2018
Sarah Wiggin, TD, 2019
Judith John, EN, 2020
Pauline Nugent, FL, 2020


Nebil Buyurgan, IM, 2019
Stan Leasure, FG, 2019
Richard Gebken, IM, 2018 (rplc Tonya Barrier, COB)
Steve Thomas, MG, 2020


Sarah Nixon, RF, 2019
Paris Depaepe, CL, 2020
Bill Agnew, CL, 2018
Janelle Flanders, 2020
Deanne Camp, RF, 2018

Health & Human Services

Tom Altena, HR, 2019
Susan Dollar, SW, 2018
Tim Daugherty, PY, 2018
Anne Marie Hunter, BS, 2017

Humanities & Public Affairs

Austra Reinis, RE, 2019
Jack Knight, PH, 2018
Tom Dicke, HI, 2020
Stephen McIntyre, HI, 2019

Natural & Applied Sciences

Mark Richter, CH, 2018
Debbi Corcoran, GG, 2019
Mark Richter, CH, 2020

Library Science


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