Sustainability Advisory Committee

Reports to the President

Purpose: To develop recommendations for new sustainability initiatives and for improving current sustainability initiatives. The committee will address issues from recycling, to efficiency, to construction and renovation of facilities, and beyond. The committee will also work on realistic strategies to increase the use of renewable energy so that the University becomes less dependent on coal over time, keeping in mind that recommendations for increasing the use of renewable energy must come with and estimated funding cost.

Matt Morris, Administrative Services, Co-Chair
Tammy Jahnke, College of Natural and Applied Science, Co-Chair
Joel Alexander, Community Representative
Alyssa Aumann, Student Government Association Representative
Bill Cheek, Emeritus Faculty Representative
Jennifer Cox, Administrative Services
Abdillahi Dirie, Student Government Association Representative
Paul Durham, College of Natural and Applied Science
Quintin Eason, Chartwells Residential Dining Office
Teresa Frederick, Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services
Brad Kielhofner, Facilities Management
Bernard Kitheka, College of Health and Human Services
Mike Klem, College of Agriculture
Mike Kromrey, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks
Barbara Lucks, Community Representative
Billy Miller, Student Government Association Representative
Mackenzie Morris, Student Government Association Representative
Doug Neidigh, Environmental Health and Safety
Kenya Reeves, Green Student Alliance
Adam Shuler, Planning, Design and Construction
Brent Stock, Community Representative
David Vaughan, Environmental Health and Safety
Mike Wills, Procurement Services
Emily Yeap, University Communications
Nicole Young, Chartwells

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