Staff Senate

Reports to the President

Purpose: To serve as a communication medium between the staff and administration of Missouri State University. To identify and address matters of general staff concern by gathering information and relevant issues, studying alternatives, offering recommendations to the administration and sharing background data with the staff.

Membership: Members serve three-year terms. Terms begin July 1 and end June 30.

Adja Jones, Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Achievement Center, Chair
Olujimi Sode, Diversity Outreach and Recruitment, Chair-elect
Katrina Chavez, Course and Curriculum Management, Director of Staff Senate Committees
Shelly Deckard, Jordan Valley Innovation Center, Secretary
Jon Lee, Computer Services, Past Chair
Rut Muñoz Aliaga, Networking and Telecommunications
Gayle Anderson, Residence Life Housing and Dinning Svc-Fac and Operations
Laura Backer, Student Engagement
Lisa Bonner, Biomedical Sciences
Rhonda Breshears, College of Agriculture
Holly Calkins, Facilities Management-Maintenance
Lisa Cooper, Facilities Management-Custodial
Nicole Dalton, Veteran Student Center
Nick Delamora, Computer Services
Jenay Divin, Green Dot
Samantha Francka, International Programs
Ronnie Freeman, Facilities Management-Custodial
Jeff Gettys, Darr College of Agriculture
Robert Grant, McQueaery College of Health and Human Services
Will Hader, International Programs
Kathleen Hains, Theatre and Dance
Brian Henry, Facilities Management-Maintenance
Jeremy Henson, McQueaery College of Health and Human Services
Sandra Johnson, Faculty Senate
Peggy Jones, Office of Student Affairs
Peggy Kahre, Marketing
Michel Klem, Darr College of Agriculture
Phillip McCart, Computer Services
Christine McCartney, Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Academic Achievement Center
Shawn McComb, Computer Services
Mindi McCoy, Sports Medicine and Athletic Training
Heather Moore, College of Business
Paige Oxendine, Assooc Vice President for Economic Development
Ryan Reed, Multicultural Services
Rachel Rigby, Biology
Trisha Riggs, AHEC
Erin Sniders, Occupational Therapy
Jacob Welch, Safety and Transportation
Gary Wells, Facilities Management-Maintenance
Danny Winkler,  College of Business

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