NCAA Validation Committee

Reports to the Provost Office

Purpose: To monitor student athletes’ academic progress, grade point averages and ACT scores to ensure that they are eligible to compete in NCAA-sanctioned athletics.

Sarah McCallister, Chair, KIN, CHHS
Kenneth Brown, ECO, CHPA
Stephanie Cockrell, HL, CNAS
Keith Ernce,  KIN, CHHS
Daniel Hellman, MUS, COAL
Nathan Hoff, Registrar
Jim Hutter, AGR, COA
Shamika Kentish, Athletics
Bogdan Kostic, PSY, CHHS
Hillary Mayes, CHHS
Juli Panza, Professional Education Advisement, COE
Thomas Tomasi, BIO, CNAS
Alisa Trotter, Business Advisement, COB
Daniel Raines, (ex officio)

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