Committee on Honorary Degrees

Purpose: Review nominations and select recipients for University Honorary Degrees according to the following procedures as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty with no more than two honorary degrees to be conferred annually.

Membership: The Committee on Honorary Degrees shall comprise the following: one faculty member from each academic college appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate; one faculty member from each entity so identified in, appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate; the dean of the Graduate College or an appointed representative; the Provost or an appointed representative; and one student selected from either the Honors College or the Graduate College.

2017–2018 Roster

Margaret Weaver, COAL (Chair)
Tammi Davis, COE
David Perkins, CNAS
Matthew Kuiper, CHPA
Carol Miller, COB
Carol Shoptaugh, CHHS
Michael Goerndt, COAG
Tom Tomasi Assoc. Dean, Grad College
Chris Craig, Deputy Provost
Britt Spears, Student Rep, Honors College

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