Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council

Reports to the Provost Office 

Purpose: To support the FCTL’s general mission and to advise the FCTL Director and staff on services and programs supporting faculty in their roles as teachers, learners, and scholars.

The Advisory Council makes recommendations on the annual Showcase on Teaching and Learning, faculty programs and orientations aimed at advancing the role of faculty, and faculty development opportunities designed to improve and enhance teaching and student learning. The Advisory Council also provides direction for and oversees the Curriculum Innovation mini-grant program as well as other faculty award programs administered through the FCTL. Advisory Council members serve as faculty liaisons between their respective college and the FCTL by providing updates on FCTL activities to their college and seeking input from colleagues in an effort to provide a collective voice at FCTL Advisory Council meetings.

A ranked faculty member is selected by advisory council members to serve a 3-year term as FCTL Faculty Fellow.  Each FCTL Faculty Fellow pursues a scholarly area of interest supported through programming and support services from the FCTL. Dr. Eric Nelson was appointed in 2015 to serve as FCTL Faculty Fellow for Accessible Learning. The FCTL Faculty Fellow also serves as Chair for the FCTL Advisory Council.

Membership: The FCTL Advisory Council includes: eight ranked faculty representatives, one from each college, each named by their respective Dean; and one part-time or adjunct faculty appointed by the FCTL.

Ex-officio members include: the FCTL Director; Provost Fellows, Associate Provosts, or other academic administrators appointed by the Provost’s office; and the Faculty Senate Chair and Chair-elect.

Chuck Hermans, FCTL Faculty Fellow, Chair     
Beth Hurst, RFT, COE
Lora Hobbs, REL, CHPA
Cherri Jones, LIBR
Leslie Echols; PSY, CHHS
Seth Hoelscher, COB, FGB
Deborah Larson, MJF, COAL
Marilyn Odneal, COAG     
Katy Frederick-Hudson, BIO     
Jeff Thomas, Per Course
Chris Craig, Deputy Provost
Rachelle Darabi, Associate Provost, ex officio
Keri Franklin, Assessment, ex officio
Nancy Gordon, Director, FCTL, ex officio
Tom Dickie, Faculty Senate Chair, ex officio
Adena Young-Jones, PSY, CHHS, ex officio

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