College Councils

Purpose: The primary purpose of each discipline-based undergraduate college council is to act upon curricular matters that are referred to it by academic departments within the college.

Powers: Each discipline-based undergraduate college council is empowered to approve a departmental proposal, reject and return a proposal to the originating academic department, or amend and approve the proposal.

Membership: A discipline-based undergraduate college council shall consist of one member from each academic department of the college, and one student representative, majoring in a discipline in that college. The academic dean of the college shall be an ex officio member of the council without vote. Each college council member shall serve for a term of two years and may be reelected for one immediately succeeding term but shall not then be eligible for reelection until after the lapse of an intervening year.  Department heads are not eligible for election except in the case where a department head is the only member of an academic department.

2017–2018 Roster

Arts & Letters 

Chair: Telory Arendell
AR, Sarah Williams, 2018
CM, Jake Simmons, 2018
EN, Danielle Lillge, 2018
FL, Vanessa Rodriguez, 2019
MJ, Weiyan Wang, 2019
MU, Scott Cameron, 2019
TD, Telory Arendell, 2019


Chair: Jason DeBode, MG
AC, Mike Hammond, 2019
MI, Tonya Barrier, 2018 (rplc Radhika Kaula)
FG, Walt Nelson, 2019
FI, Sandy Bailey, 2019
TM, Martin Jones, 2018
MG, Jason Debode, 2018
MK, Ronald Clark, 2019


Chair: Ching-Wen Chang, RF
CL, Michele Smith, 2018 (rplc Bill Agnew)
EF, Sabrina Brinson, 2019
GL, Rebecca Crowder, 2019
RF, Ching-Wen Chang, 2018 (rplc Deanne Camp)

Health & Human Services

Chair: Scott Zimmerman, BS
BS, Scott Zimmerman, 2019
CD, Thomas Franklin, 2019
HR, Melinda Novik, 2018
NR, Rose Utley, 2018
PT, Patricia Cahoj, 2018
PN, Kim Cook, 2019
PY, Lisa Hall, 2018
SM, David Carr, 2019
SW, Rose Korang-Okrah, 2019

Humanities & Public Affairs

Chair: Vadim Putzu, RE
CR, Bernie McCarthy, 2019
EC, Subhasree Basu Roy, 2018    
HI, Tom Dicke, 2018
MS, TBA, 2018
PH, Ralph Shain, 2019
PS, Jim Kaatz, 2019
RE, Vadim Putzu, 2019
SO, Lyle Foster, 2018 (rplc Mike Stout)

Natural & Applied Sciences

Chair: Gigi Saunders, BI
BI, Gigi Saunders, 2018
CH, Matthew Siebert, 2019
CS, Tony Clark, 2019
GG, Mathew McKay, 2019
HL, Albert Barreda, 2019
MA, Mark Rogers, 2018
PA, Emmett Redd, 2018

Darr College of Agriculture

AB, Jim Hutter,  201x
AS, Elizabeth Walker, 201x
PS, Melissa Remley, 201x

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