Provost’s Advisory Council

Reports to the Provost Office

Purpose: An advisory group with representatives from all academic colleges. The PAC provides input on policy changes impacting the tenure and promotion process, provides input to the Provost on Promotion and tenure issues such as the review of tenure and promotion guidelines, and assists with special reviews of applications pursuant to the Faculty Handbook.

Membership: Two tenured faculty members of Professor rank from each college. Members serve two-year staggered terms. A member can be reappointed for one additional term and then must sit out one term before eligible for reappointment.

James Baumlim, ENG, COAL
Deanne Camp, RFT, COE
Susan Crain, FGB, COB
Richard Garrad, BMS, CHHS
Linda Garrison-Kane, CLSE, COE
Shouchuan Hu, MTH, CNAS
Robert Mayanovic, PAMS, CNAS
Marilyn McCroskey, LIBR
Joel Paddock, PLS, CHPA
James Parson, MUS, COAL
Allen Schaefer,  MKT, COB
Benjamin Timson, BMS, CHHS
Gary Webb, SAGR
Brooke L. Whisenhunt, PSY, CHHS
Karl Wilker, AGR, COA

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