Student Organizations

Cell and Molecular Biology

Society for Cell and Molecular Biology

The Society for Cell and Molecular Biology provides an atmosphere for students with multiple interests related to cell and molecular biology to interact with each other and participate in events on campus.

Pre-Dentistry Club

Prospective dental school students can work through the dental school application process and participate in service activities. Contact the department office for more information about the Pre-Dentistry Club.

Pre-Optometry Club

The Pre-Optometry Club raises awareness of optometry on campus. Practicing optometrists and graduates often share their knowledge of the field and educational courses that can be beneficial to students in their undergraduate career. Evaluation of optometry schools and preparation for interviews are also a large part of club activities.

Pre-Medical Society

The Pre-Medical Society allows students to meet with practicing physicians, medical students and other students who are pursuing a career in medicine. Preparation for medical school is important to the society. Information about the MCAT and course selection is readily available to those in the society. Students are also able to learn more about the Bryant Scholars Program and service learning opportunities. The Pre-Medical Society does have certain membership requirements.

Pre-Pharmacy Society

The Pre-Pharmacy Society serves not only as an informational resource for students when applying to pharmacy school, but also as a guide to those who want to learn more about becoming a pharmacist. The club establishes a connection between members of the club and the professional world.

Pre-Physician Assistant Society

The Pre-Physician Assistant Society supports current students who are interested in becoming physician’s assistants by helping them connect with current professionals, shadowing opportunities and graduate school requirements. Members of the society also participate in service activities.


American Dietetic Association (ADA)

Membership in the ADA is recommended by the fall semester of your junior year. Students in this organization receive the Journal of American Dietetics, liability insurance and reduced rates for products and meeting fees.

Missouri Dietetic Association and Southwest Missouri Dietetic Association

Students who are members of the American Dietetic Association are automatically granted membership into the Missouri Dietetic Association, which holds an annual meeting once a year. The Southwest Missouri Dietetic Association hold four meeting a year and registrations fees for meetings and activities are usually reduced or waived for students.

Student Dietetic Association

The Student Dietetic Association at Missouri State is a great way for students to become more involved in the dietetic program.