Missouri State University - West Plains
Shane Hull

Shane Hull

  • Hometown: Bloomfield, MO
  • Academic Program: Associate of Arts in Teaching

Student Spotlight: Shane Hull

 "My experience at Missouri State University-West Plains has been nothing short of amazing!"

Why did you choose to attend Missouri State-West Plains?  They accepted my A+ scholarship and made it very easy to transfer to Missouri State University in Springfield. I also got to meet the Student Ambassadors on my private tour! The brand-new program, ASCEND, also played a huge role in my decision, as it’s the first like it in this area!

How would you describe your experience here?  My experience at Missouri State University-West Plains has been nothing short of amazing! Everyone is so kind and accepting and the staff and faculty genuinely want to see their students succeed!

What has been your favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains? 

My favorite thing about Missouri State University-West Plains must be having the privilege to be a Student Ambassador! This program allows me to meet so many future Grizzlies and has given me life-long friends!

What has been your favorite course? 

My favorite courses are Introduction to Psychology with Ms. Judy Carr and Biology for Educators with Laurette Roylance! They’re amazing women who have taught me so much!

How have faculty and staff helped you during your time at Missouri State-West Plains? 

The staff have saved me countless times at Missouri State University-West Plains! My advisor, Bruce Cavitt, helped me set up my goals for my time here. Lauren Willis, as well as the amazing ladies in the admissions office, have quickly become my friends who I can go to about anything!

How did you choose your major? 

I chose my major because when I did my cadet class for the A+ Program, I worked with the special education preschool classroom, and it showed me what my life purpose is!

What have you learned from the education department? 

I have learned so much about what it means to be the best teacher I can be in my meetings with Anyta Cavitt! Between the meetings that we schedule and her lessons in Introduction to Teaching, she has opened my eyes in more ways than I can count!

What are your plans after graduation? 

My plans for after graduation are to transfer to MSU in Springfield, take part in the Pathways for Paraprofessionals, move back to Bloomfield, and become a special education pre-k teacher in the same classroom that I did my cadet teaching in my senior year!