Missouri State University - West Plains
Emilee Dougherty

Emilee Dougherty

  • Hometown: West Plains, MO
  • Academic Program: AA in General Studies

Emilee Dougherty

"Everybody, whether they are your teacher or not, want you to succeed."

Name: Emilee Dougherty

Academic Program: AA General Studies

What is your hometown? West Plains, MO

Why did you choose to attend Missouri State-West Plains?

I wanted to stay close to home and use my A+ while I figured out what career I wanted to pursue.

How would you describe your experience here?

So far, my experience has been rewarding. Attending Missouri State-West Plains has allowed me to create new relationships with people and make memories while also learning many important life skills.

What has been your favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains?

My favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains is knowing that everybody on campus is rooting for you and wants to do anything they can to help you succeed.

What has been your favorite course?

My favorite course so far has been Introduction to Philosophy with Mr. (Alex) Pinnon because it really makes me rethink the way I see life. It may not be the easiest for me to understand, but I have made many friends in that class and find the class pretty enjoyable, overall.

How have the faculty and staff helped you during your time at Missouri State-West Plains?

The faculty and staff here at Missouri State-West Plains have helped me by continuously pushing me to be better and succeed in my education in my goals. Everybody, whether they are your teacher or not, want you to succeed, which is always a good feeling.

How did you choose your major?

I did not know what I wanted to do once I finished college, and I bounced a couple of careers around, but none seemed right for me. I knew I wanted to get a degree; it just took me a while for me to figure out what I wanted it to be in.

What have you learned from the admissions department that will help you succeed in your education, career or life?

The admissions office and staff have given me many opportunities and skills I did not think I would have. Being a student ambassador, I have learned how to talk to groups of people, big or small, professionally and, simultaneously, friendly. The whole staff is very friendly and always pushes me to succeed, even when it seems impossible.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan on transferring to Missouri State University in Springfield to pursue a degree in speech language pathology, specifically pediatric.