Severe Weather and Tornados

Procedures during a tornado watch

If the National Weather Service issues a tornado watch, building coordinators will be notified via their weather alert radio systems.

Building coordinators will advise their departments, staff and faculty of the watch and when it expires. During the watch, employees should be vigilant and be prepared to take action should a warning be issued.

Procedures during a tornado warning

If National Weather Service issues a tornado warning covering the campus, a Missouri State Alert will be issued and the campus outdoor warning sirens will be activated.

If you are in a building, go to the identified shelter for your building. Move quickly and cooperate with those in charge. If you are unsure of the location of the shelter area, move to an interior room of the lowest level  If you are in a residence hall, follow their severe weather guidelines.

If you are outside, immediately go into the nearest building and to its shelter area.

If you cannot reach shelter, lie flat in a ditch or depression. Avoid areas subject to flooding.

Stay in the shelter until the warning is over.  You will get a Missouri State Alert when the warning expires.

Procedures for faculty

  • Direct occupants to move quick and orderly to the nearest shelter area in the building.
  • Instruct occupants not to leave the building.
  • Turn off all lights and electronic equipment in the room.
  • Provide help to those with disabilities.
  • Go with occupants to the nearest designated shelter area in the building.
  • Remain in the shelter area until notified the warning has expired.

Severe weather resources