Building Coordinators

Building coordinators have several responsibilities during an emergency situation. Please ask your building coordinator if you have specific questions about building procedures.

Building coordinators by building
Buildings Coordinator(s) Contact number(s)
Allison North Stadium Keith Boaz 6-5240
Allison Recreation Fields Keith Boaz 6-5240
Allison South Stadium Keith Boaz 6-5240
Archaeological Research Center Sarah Reid 6-5363
Art Annex Joe Price 6-4156
Baker Bookstore Scott Embretson


Baker Observatory Mike Reed 6-4782
Bakers Acres Zachary Davis 7-2511
Bear Park North Cole Pruitt 6-4334
Bear Park South Cole Pruitt 6-4334
Blair-Shannon House Carole Douglas 6-8839
Bond Education Center Mike Klem 7-2508
Brick City Vonda Yarberry 7-2330
Brick City 4th Floor Robin Kennedy 7-3614
Brick City Gallery Vonda Yarberry 7-2330
Bull Shoals Field Station Patricia Reed 6-6867
Burgess House Lori Vaughan 6-5101
Carrington Hall Ronda Ladd 6-8505
Central Stores and Maintenance Abby Brown 6-8931
Cheek Hall

Ajay Katangur
Ben Utne

Childhood Development Center Deanna Hallgren 6-7650
Clay Hall Jack Dimond 6-8467
Craig Hall Mary Jane Pardue 6-5218
Darr Agricultural Center Mike Klem 7-2500
Davis-Harrington Welcome Center Sean Kliethermes 6-5517
Ellis Hall Devonna Rains 6-4420
Forsythe Athletics Center

Dan Raines

Foster Recreation Center Julie Krisch


Freudenberger House Carole Douglas 6-8839
Garst Dining Center Carole Douglas 6-8839
Glass Hall Kent Ragan 6-5580
Greenwood Laboratory School Janice Duncan 6-5124
Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts Keith Boaz 6-5240
Hammons House Carole Douglas 6-8839
Hammons Student Center Keith Boaz 6-5240
Hill Hall

Ian Alaimo
Rose Lee


Hutchens House Carole Douglas 6-8839
Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) Johnna Pedersen 6-3737
Journagan Ranch Marty Lueck 6-5638
Great Southern Bank Arena Keith Boaz 6-5240
Karls Hall Ron Del Vecchio 6-5638
Kemper Hall Neal Callahan
Tammy Jahnke
Kentwood Hall Carole Douglas 6-8839
Kindrick Farm Zachary Davis 7-2511
Kings Street Annex 1st Floor
Kings Street Annex 2nd & 3rd Floors
Ian Alaimo
Tammy Jahnke
Levy Wolf Building Jason Ray 6-6977
Magers Health and Wellness Center Holly Pomrening 6-4000
McDonald Hall and Arena Ian Alaimo 6-6231
McQueary Family Health Sciences Hall Ian Alaimo 6-6231
Meyer Alumni Center Cindy Busby 6-4823
Meyer Library Nathan Neuschwander 6-8715
Mill Street Warehouse #1, #2, & #3
Mill Street Warehouse #4
Paul Ziegler
Shelley Cantrell
(The) Monroe Carole Douglas 6-8839
Morris Center William Hader 6-6061
Mountain Grove Campus Pam Turner 417-547-7502
O'Reilly Clinical Health Sciences Center Ian Alaimo 6-6231
Park Central Office Building Marian Green 6-5392
Pinegar Arena Will Boyer 7-2516
Plaster Free Enterprise Center
Rachel Anderson 7-2632
Plaster Free Enterprise Center (Engineering Space) Doug Carroll 7-2303
Plaster Stadium Keith Boaz 6-5240
Plaster Stadium Classrooms Tammy Jahnke 6-5031
Plaster Student Union DJ Fox 6-4218
Power House Don Swift 6-8996
Professional Building Ian Alaimo 6-6231
Pummill Hall 1st Floor
Pummill Hall 3rd & 4th Floors
Ian Alaimo
Stephanie Hein
Scholars House Carole Douglas 6-8839
Shealy Agricultural Center Joe Webb 417-298-2255
Siceluff Hall Jason Jolley 6-5122
Strong Hall Victor Matthews 6-5529
Student Exhibition Center Vonda Yarberry 7-2330
Sunvilla Tower Carole Douglas 6-8839
Temple Hall Tamera Jahnke 6-5031
Transit Operations Center Miroslaba Mitchell 6-5266
University Hall Laura Haselden 6-5258
University Safety / Police Substation Karen McKinnis 6-5225
Wehr Band Hall Amy Perkins 6-5045
Wells House Carole Douglas 6-8839
Woodlands Mike Goerndt 6-8824
Woods House Carole Douglas 6-8839