Occupational Therapy Programs

Occupational therapy students helping a child.

Improve life quality

In occupational therapy, you can restore vital life skills.

Help people overcome barriers and do the things they want, need and love. Your service can change lives and unlock new possibilities.

Explore our graduate programs

What are your goals in occupational therapy? Whether you’re new or a skilled pro, these programs will put you on the right path.

Occupational therapy student helping client practice grocery shopping during rehab session.
Become a licensed occupational therapist. Earn your degree sooner and help patients directly.

Top 100 program

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Our accredited master’s program stands out as one of the best in the country.

An occupational therapy student guides another student through an eye exam.
Become a licensed occupational therapist with this advanced degree. Have the credentials to move into non-clinical roles later on.
An occupational therapist playing catch with a child during a therapy session.
Take this program if you’re already a licensed occupational therapist. Advance into leadership, teaching and more.

Apply to your program

Depending on your OT program, you'll apply through a Centralized Application Service: OTCAS or GradCAS.

  • Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT): Apply on OTCAS.
  • Entry-Level Doctor of Occupational Theray (EL-OTD): Apply on OTCAS.
  • Postprofessional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (PP-OTD): Apply on GradCAS.

Take an inside look

Looking for a major? Start at pre-health

Almost any major can lead you to our entry-level programs.

Consider a pre-health program to get you started.


    After seeing it as a teenager, Gabe Purdy realized he was made for a career in occupational therapy.


    Danielle Williams did something no other occupational therapy student had done before.