Infrastructure and Funding

  • Successfully complete the Onward Upward campaign.
  • Maintain external funding at $55 million or more annually through private support, grants, and sponsored contracts.
  • Advocate for state and federal operating and capital funds.
  • Prioritize employee compensation in the university’s budgeting process.
  • Manage university finances to further the university’s mission and achieve the objectives established by the Board of Governors. Examples include evaluating bonding capacity for the auxiliary system and reevaluating property insurance coverage.
  • Advance facility projects indicated on the facility master plan. Examples include the braider facility at the Roy Blunt Jordan Valley Innovation Center, Temple Hall, Goodman Amphitheatre, Grand Street Underpass, Darr Agricultural Center Small Animal Facility, and Kampeter Hall.
  • Manage and enhance the university’s computer services, networking, telecommunications, and information security infrastructure, services, and training.
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure the campus–including people, facilities, networks, and data–remains safe, secure, and accessible.
  • Incorpoarte sustainability into campus operations and foster principles of environmental stewardship.