MSU Equivalent Courses

Course Type

Common Equivalent Courses at Missouri State

English Composition I

ENG 105- Writing I with Studio

ENG 110- Writing I

English Composition II

AGR 320- Writing II- Writing in the Applied Sciences 

ENG 210- Writing II- Sriting Across the Disciplines

ENG 221- Writing for the Professions

ENG 310- Writing II- Writing for Graduate and Professional Schools

ENG 321- Writing II- Beginning Technical Writing 

GLG 358- Writing II- Reporting Geological Information

HST 210- Writing II- Historical Inquiry 

Public Speaking/Communication
COM 115- Fundamentals in Public Speaking

College-Level Mathematics

MTH 136- Pre-Calculus I

MTH 137- Pre-Calculus II

MTH 138- Pre-Calculus Mathematics 

MTH 261- Analytical Geometry & Calculus I

MTH 287- Computational Calculus w/ Analytical Geometry I


MTH 340- Statistical Methods

MTH 545- Applied Statistics 

AGR 330- Statistical Applications in Agriculture 

PSY 200- Psychological Statistical Methods 

PSY 527- Advanced Psychological Statistical Methods

SOC 220- Statistics for Social Research 

QBA 237- Basic Business Statistics

IPE 381- Statistics for Health Professions

REC 328- Statistical Applications in Recreation 

BIO 550- Statistical Methods for Biologists

Medical Terminology

LLT 102- Scientific and Medical Terminology

ATC 413- Informatics and Terminology in Healthcare

IP(E 413- Informatics and Terminology in Healthcare

U.S. Government

PLS 101- American Democracy and Citizenship

Abnormal Psychology

PSY 304- Abnormal Psychology


Developmental Psychology

CFD 155- Principles of Human Development

May also take the following combination of courses to cover lifespan development: 

PSY 331- Psychology of Childhood

PSY 441- Psychology of Adolescence 

PSY 350- Psychology of Adulthood and Aging

Introductory/General Sociology

SOC 150- Introduciton to Society

Introductory/General Anthropology

ANT 125- Exploring Our Human Ancestry


ECO 155- Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 165- Principles of Microeconomics


PHI 115- Ethics and Contemporary Issues

Introduction to Religion

REL 100- Introduction to Religion

Introductory Nutrition/Human Nutrition

DTN 240- Introduciton to Nurtrition

General Chemistry

CHM 160- General Chemistry I

CHM 161- General Chemistry Lab

CHM 170- General Chemistry II

CHM 171- General Chemistry II Lab

Organic Chemistry

CHM 201- Essentials of Organic Chemistry

CHM 202- Essentials of Organic Chemistry Lab

CHM 342- Organic Chemistry I

CHM 343- Organic Chemistry II

CHM 345- Microscale Organic Chemistry Lab

CHM 445- Intermediate Organic Chemistry Lab


CHM 352- Introduction to Biochemistry

CHM 353- Introduction to Biochemistry Lab

CHM 554- Biochemistry I

CHM 555- Biochemistry I Lab

BMS 321- Biomolecular Interactions

General Biology

BIO 121- General Biology (with lab)

BMS 110- Intro to Human Biology

BMS 111- Intro to Human Biology Lab


BIO 212- Elements of Microbiology

BIO 213- Elements of Microbiology Lab

BIO 312- Microbiology

BIO 313- Microbiology Lab

BMS 317- Medical Microbiology (with lab)


BMS 230- Human Genetics

BMS 231- Human Genetics with Lab

BMS 232- Human Genetics Lab

BIO 235- Genetics

BIO 236- Genetics Lab

Cell Biology

BIO 320- Cellular and Molecular Biology

BMS 521- Molecular Cell Biology


BMS 307- Human Anatomy (with lab)

BIO 380- Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (with lab)

KIN 250- Applied Human Anatomy (with lab)


BMS 308- Human Physiology (with lab)

BMS 442- Physiology of the Human Cell

BMS 542- Physiology of Organ Systems

BMS 562- Medical Physiology Lab

BIO 361- General Physiology (with lab)

KIN 252- Applied Human Physiology (with lab)


ATC 444- Applied Orthopedic Review

KIN 360- Kinesiology


BMS 585- Histology


BIO 511- Immunology (with lab)

Exercise Physiology

BMS 567- Physiology of Exercise Metabolism 

KIN 362- Exercise Physiology

College Physics

PHY 123- Introduction to Physics I (with lab)

PHY 124- Introduction to Physics II (with lab)

PHY 203- Foundations of Physics I (with lab)

PHY 204- Foundations of Physics II (with lab)

Animal Sciences

AGS 101- Animal Sciences

AGS 301- Physiology of Farm Animals 

AGS 310- Animal Nutrition

AGS 311- Feeds/Feeding

AGS 316- Animal Breeding

Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSD 210- Phonetics

CSD 312- Normal Language Acquisition 

CSD 315- Language Disorders in Children

CSD 316- Introduction to Language and Cognitive-Linguistic Disorders in Adults 

CSD 319- Anatomy and Physiology of Speech

CSD 360- Hearing and Speech Science

CSD 370- Audiology

CSD 572- Aural Rehabilitation 

SPE 311- Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL)

**If any of these courses are taken elsewhere and transferred to MSU, you will need to check the equivalency of the ORIGINAL course with your program of interest.