Transportation Policy and Regulations

Op9.07 Transportation Policy and Regulations

A Transportation Advisory Committee will be appointed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The committee will review the University transportation policies, regulations and the fee schedule and make recommendations to the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Committee recommendations will be reported to Administrative Council (transportation policies and regulations) and to the Board of Governors (fee schedule). The Committee will meet on an as needed basis.


Missouri State University establishes and enforces parking regulations for the university consistent with university policy, federal and state law, and local ordinances. Parking regulations shall be applicable to all students and employees of the university. The approved regulations shall also be applicable to all university guests, visitors, or other persons while on university property. All such regulations are available for review at the Transportation Services website.

Parking on parking lots and garages that are owned, operated, or administered by the university, shall be available on a permit basis, at such rates as are approved by the university’s Board of Governors. Parking permit rates are available for review at the Transportation Services website. All vehicles parked on designated university property must display a current university-issued parking permit or utilize a paid parking meter spot. Exceptions to any or all parking regulations may be made for university guests, visitors, or otherwise, in the sole discretion of the university, pursuant to Transportation Services regulations.

Bicycle, low-speed utility vehicle, and other personal transportation devices

This policy addresses the usage of non-motor vehicle modes of personal transportation on university owned or controlled property including, but not limited to the following, together referred to as “personal transportation device”:

  • bicycles,
  • low-speed utility vehicles (e.g. golf carts)(LUV),
  • skateboards,
  • kick scooters,
  • electric and gas scooters,
  • in-line skates,
  • roller skates,
  • self-balancing electric scooters (hover boards), and
  • any other mode of personal transportation that may develop for personal use.

Location for permitted usage

Use of personal transportation devices must be limited to university sidewalks, bike paths, or surrounding city streets. Use of personal transportation devices will not be allowed on elevated surfaces such as benches and platforms, stairs, ramps, railings, and curbs. Parking/storage areas for commercially owned personal transportation must be approved by the university.

Manner of permitted usage

Personal transportation devices must be operated in a safe, courteous, and responsible manner at all times and not in a manner which may present a threat or endangerment to the health or safety of any person. Individuals using personal transportation devices at excessive speed, in disregard for university property and operations, or participating in any intentional maneuver in which any of the device’s wheels leave the ground may be subject to disciplinary action.

Parking of scooters

When the ride of a commercial scooter that is approved for use on university property ends on university property, they must be parked in one of the designated scooter parking areas. All other scooters must be parked and secured in bicycle racks. No scooter shall be left where it will block sidewalks or access to any building.

LUV usage on university owned or controlled property

The use, and parking of low-speed utility vehicles at Missouri State University is limited to university departments and university contractors with a valid business need as determined by appropriate university administrators. In addition to this policy, use of low-speed utility vehicles on university owned and controlled property is governed by additional procedures developed by University Safety to ensure certain LUV are operated consistent with university policy. All LUV usage must be consistent with all university policies and regulations.

Office of University Safety and assessment of personal transportation devices

The Office of University Safety reserves the right to assess if a personal transportation device is appropriate for usage on university owned or controlled property and has developed additional procedures to ensure certain personal transportation devices are operated consistent with university policy. These procedures are available on the Transportation Services website and may be updated from time to time by the Department.

Personal transportation devices and accommodations

The university is a community of people with respect for diversity. The university emphasizes the dignity and equality common to all persons and adheres to a strict non-discrimination policy regarding the treatment of individual faculty, staff, and students. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit an individual from utilizing any necessary mobility devices utilized as an accommodation for a disability.

Shuttle system (Bear Line)

Transportation Services oversees the university’s shuttle (Bear Line) system for the Springfield campus. The system is funded through student funds. Student input is used during the annual evaluation of routes and stops. Transportation Services publishes the rules regarding use of the Bear Line on its website.