University Signature Policy

Op8.24 University Signature Policy

Missouri State University’s Signature Policy delineates when signatures can be specified on University documents and the specific approvals required to include those signatures. Within this policy, the term “document” refers to both hardcopy and electronic formats. The term “signature” refers to the handwritten, personalized signing of an individual’s name and serves as his/her legal identifier, either in original or digitized form.

No University member’s signature shall be included on hardcopy documents unless that person has specifically signed the original document being copied for distribution or has specifically authorized the signing of his/her name. No University member’s digitized signature shall be included on any hardcopy or electronic documents without that person’s specific, written approval. In lieu of an approving authority’s signature, the specification of the signatory’s name and title is encouraged to be used (e.g., John Doe, Director of Acme Department).

Signature by use of rubber stamps, signature plates, or other mechanical devices will not be permitted for approval of financial-related transactions; however, signature plates may be used for the Provost and Chief Financial Officer’s signatures on University checks.

University officials wishing to include the President’s signature on a document shall: (a) have that document reviewed and approved by the appropriate vice president or chancellor in advance of distribution to the President, and (b) have that document reviewed and approved by the President prior to general distribution. This policy applies to all University faculty, staff and students.