Travel Reimbursement

Op8.22-6 Travel Reimbursement

This section summarizes the requirements and procedures regarding reimbursement of travel expenses.

  1. Requirements
    1. All claims for reimbursement of travel expenses are made on a Travel Expense Report form.
    2. All payments for reimbursement of travel expenses are made by University check, direct deposit, or as a credit to the employee’s account with the University.
    3. A Travel Expense Report must be submitted within two weeks upon return from each trip. Delinquent Travel Expense Reports must be approved by the cost center administrator.
      1. Employees traveling at frequent intervals may submit one Travel Expense Report for the entire month or more frequently if desired.
      2. A Travel Advance and/or Foreign Travel Authorization form(s) must be attached to the Travel Expense Report form for each trip requiring a travel advance.
      3. Foreign Travel must also be approved by the appropriate administrator* in writing prior to the trip. A copy of the approval must be attached to the Travel Expense Report when filed. *Please see the section entitled “Foreign Travel” for a list of appropriate signature requirements.
    4. All Travel Expense Reports must be certified by signature of the employee and approved by the administrative official responsible for the budgeted funds from which the expenses are to be reimbursed. An administrative official should not approve their own travel expenses. Travel Expense Reports for such officials must be approved by their administrative supervisor.
    5. All Travel Expense Reports should explain the business purpose for travel. Abbreviations for professional organizations should be avoided.
    6. Travel Expense Reports pertaining to conference travel should include the following information:
      1. The portion of the agenda, registration, brochure, or other document for the conference showing the dates and meals provided should be submitted with the travel expense report.
      2. Any meal expenses submitted for times when a conference meal was provided at no cost will not be reimbursed.
      3. Trip extensions and business purpose of conferences should be fully justified.
    7. All approved Travel Expense Reports are submitted to Financial Services to be reviewed for compliance with University policy, reasonableness of expenses, and for accuracy.
      1. Any Travel Expense Report not complying with University policy or otherwise incomplete or inaccurate will be returned to the originating department.
      2. Financial Services reserves the right to question any claim for reimbursement for its validity and request proof for its accuracy and legitimacy.
    8. If the trip was primarily for business and, while at the business destination the trip was extended for a vacation, personal side trip, or other personal activities, part of the travel expenses will not be eligible for reimbursement, specifically those expenses associated with personal side trips and activities. Travel to and from the destination will be reimbursed at the rate that applies as long as an extension for a vacation did not increase the cost of travel. In that instance, the employee is responsible for the additional costs.
  2. Procedures

    Upon return from his/her trip, the employee initiates the Travel Expense Report form.

    1. Records lodging expenses.
    2. Records charges included on lodging invoices in the appropriate column of the Travel Expense Report.
    3. Notes additional information justifying unusual expenditures.
    4. Provides the business purpose of the expenditures in the appropriate space or on an attachment.
    5. Provides the FOAP number to be charged with the travel expenses.
    6. Attaches required receipts. Receipts are required for all lodging, meal amounts over $30, ground transportation over $30 (taxi, bus, limousine, parking, tolls), air fare, gasoline purchases, auto rental, registration over $30, and all other expenditures.
    7. Attaches Travel Advance and/or Foreign Travel Authorization form(s) if applicable.
    8. Certifies Travel Expense Report by signature.
    9. Submits to administrator for approval.
    10. All reimbursements must comply with the Fiscal Responsibility Policy.
  3. Disciplinary Action

    Failure to comply with the University Travel Policies is grounds for discipline, up to and including dismissal.