Methods of Transportation

Op8.22-4 Methods of Transportation

The employee, with the approval of their administrator, should select the method of transportation that best meets the needs of the university at the lowest possible cost.

  1. University-Owned Vehicles
    1. University vans are available for use by employees through Transportation Services’ – Vehicle Leasing unit. Twelve passenger vans and minivans are available for short- and long-term leasing and are lower cost alternatives to commercial vendors.
    2. A driver using a university vehicle will be provided a credit card for fuel purchases. A driver will be reimbursed for all necessary operating expenses such as gas and oil (when unable to use the Vehicle Leasing credit card), storage, parking, and tolls.
      1. Receipts or supporting data shall be obtained and attached to the Travel Expense Report when submitted for reimbursement.
      2. . If there is a circumstance where a service station will not accept the Vehicle Leasing credit card for vehicle expenditures a Travel Expense Report must be completed and routed to the department leasing the vehicle for approval before forwarding to Financial Services. If the traveler’s official domicile is West Plains, the Travel Expense Report must be routed to the Director of Business and Support Services. A copy of the detailed receipt and the vehicle’s mileage at the time of refueling must be sent to Vehicle Leasing.
  2. Commercial Transportation
    1. Travel by commercial airlines will be authorized where the cost is not in excess of travel by other usual means of transportation, or when the use of commercial airlines is of definite advantage to the university. Airline travelers will be reimbursed at the economy rate only, even if business or first-class is used. The passenger copy of the commercial transportation ticket (whether purchased by the university in advance or by the employee) is required for commercial transportation expenditures and should be attached to the Travel Expense Report. Financial Services reserves the right to verify any airfare costs submitted by an employee that seems unreasonable.
    2. Rental services often cost less than or equivalent to other means of transportation when University owned vans are not appropriate. The university has a cooperative contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which provides a variety of vehicles at a competitive rate. When determining if rental services may be more cost effective, employees are encouraged to utilize the State of Missouri Office of Administration’s trip optimizer tool. Please note, the “State” vehicle class and “Mileage Reimbursement (Fleet rate)” is not available to university employees and should not be considered.
    3. Uber, LYFT, taxi, shuttles, buses, limousines and other types of commercial travel necessary for transportation to/from the airport and hotel at the trip destination or meetings that have a documented business purpose are reasonable with documentation or receipt.
  3. Personal Vehicle - Within State
    1. A driver is reimbursed at a per-mile rate not to exceed the rate approved by the Administrative Council based on actual mileage of the most direct route between points of the driver's official domicile (e.g., Springfield, Mountain Grove, West Plains), destination, and return. If additional in-city mileage is claimed, this fact must be clarified on the Travel Expense Report when submitted for reimbursement.
    2. Local mileage is reimbursed provided an explanation as to the business purpose of the mileage is provided.
    3. An employee whose residence is in some place other than their official domicile shall not be allowed expenses while at such residence or traveling to and from the same unless on university business. Any additional travel expense incurred by reason of an employee residing in a city or town other than their official domicile is not reimbursable. The place of official domicile must be listed on the Travel Expense Report.
  4. Personal Vehicle - Outside of State
    1. Should an employee elect to use a personal vehicle for travel outside of the State of Missouri, reimbursement is made at a per-mile rate not to exceed the rate approved by the Administrative Council based on actual mileage of the most direct route with the total (including meals and lodging en route) not to exceed the equivalent cost of commercial economy air fare.
    2. In the event two or more authorized persons travel together in one personal vehicle, only the owner will be reimbursed at the approved rate. Names and titles of other authorized passengers must be shown on the Travel Expense Report of the individual submitting mileage for reimbursement.
    3. University employees traveling long distances by motor vehicle are obligated to provide written verification of equivalent airfare. The airfare quote must be obtained from a travel agency or website and must represent the cost of a non-refundable ticket at the time of travel.