Procurement Card Policy

Op8.15 Procurement Card Policy

Policy statement

The purpose of the Missouri State University Procurement Card Program is to establish a more efficient, cost effective method of purchasing and paying for small-dollar transactions within established usage limits.

The Procurement Card Program is administered by the Procurement Card Coordinator in the Office of Procurement Services and by each Department Procurement Card Coordinator.

Individual transactions of $3,000 or less, including shipping and handling, are allowed using the Procurement Card. The total dollar amount of expenditures allowed in a billing cycle (approximately 30 days) is $5,000 unless a higher limit is approved by the Director, Procurement Services.

A request for an exception to the above mentioned limits may be sent in by the cardholder’s respective budgetary authority to the Procurement Card Coordinator in the form of an email. The request is then sent to the Director, Office of Procurement Services for approval. If approved, a memo will be sent to the cardholder mentioning the exception granted.

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