Alcohol Purchases on the Mountain Grove Campus

Op8.01 Alcohol Purchases on the Mountain Grove Campus

The purchase of alcoholic beverages on the Mountain Grove Campus from state funds is permitted as specified:

  1. As approved by the Chancellor of the Mountain Grove Campus or Director of the State Fruit Experimental Station; and
  2. For use in workshops, labs, and demonstrations that are specifically identified for approving authority by product and amount to purchase, date, location and purpose; and
  3. Alcohol may be so purchased only with proceeds from such workshops; and
  4. Alcohol purchased with workshop (state) funds shall not be used for personal consumption apart from approved functions.
  5. Alcohol approved for purchase under this policy and unused after the workshop, lab, or demonstration, may be used at subsequent similar events if approved by the Chancellor or Director; and
  6. University procurement policy is hereby modified accordingly.