Administering and Processing Student Employment

Op7.16-5 Administering and Processing Student Employment

  1. Student Employment Clearance Procedure

    This procedure is for all University students who are paid out of departmental budgets. This is NOT the process used to employ work study students. Section V, B outlines the work study procedure.

    1. Student Employment Requirements

      All students who are employed by the University must have a W-4, I-9, and Direct Deposit Forms completed in the hiring department except International Students see Section IV, E. All forms must be received from the department and the student hired before the clearance process begins. Do not allow the student to work until you receive approval from Student Employment Services via email.

      1. All I-9 Forms must be E-Verified by the designated individual/s in the department's Cost Center
      2. No W-4's, I-9's or Direct Deposit Forms will be accepted without e-verification, proper identification and proof of eligibility to work. See "Documents Needed to Work" for a complete list of acceptable documentation students need to have, "Form I-9 Department Training" for complete I-9 E-Verify instructions and "Departmental Instructions W-4 and Direct Deposit".
      3. Student Employment Requirements for Departmental Budget Students see Section III
      4. Any student claiming exempt must renew the exempt status by December 31 of each year in order to maintain the status. This can be done in the hiring department, Payroll Office, or Student Employment. (International students with Non Resident Alien tax statuses are not eligible for this type of exempt status.)
      5. Any student that changes an address/name must fill out a new W-4 in the hiring department, Payroll Office or Student Employment Services. International students see section IV.
      6. To be added to the payroll system, all students must have valid social security numbers on file with the Office of Records. Numbers beginning with "899" or "900" are not valid for employment purposes.

        Federal regulations require valid social security numbers for payroll reporting.

    2. On-line Clearance Procedures
      • Go to
      • On the Menu on Left
      • Choose Student Clearance- On Campus Student Clearance (Budget Students Only)
      • Choose Student Clearance Form
      • Type in your private ID
      • Type in system password
      • Complete the following fields:
        1. Reason for submission of form
          1. New Employee, Pay Rate/Budget Change, or Job Change
        2. Person submitting clearance form
          1. Name
          2. Submitter phone #
          3. Email address
          4. Department name
          5. Enter name of department head or person authorized for departmental expenditures
          6. Department Head Email
        3. Student information section
          1. Student's name
          2. Public Id (use the cross reference section of the global address book if needed).
      • Fill out Payroll Information
        1. Job Title
        2. Pay rate per hour
        3. Pay category (all category III must submit an email with attached memo of justification giving responsibilities, duties and expertise for pay rate to the Assistant Director of Student Employment Services for approval).
        4. Pay start date
        5. International student? Please mark yes or no.
        6. Time submission method
        7. Choose University Budget or Foundation Account
        8. FOAP
        9. Position #(can be obtained from Budget Analysis)
        10. Time approver ID
      • Submit the Clearance Form
        1. Make copies of the form for your records.
        2. Click on SUBMIT CLEARANCE FORM button.
        3. The "back button" will return to previously submitted student and allow changes in student information without completing a new form.

      If the student is eligible for clearance, the submitter of the form, the student , and the department head will be notified by email, usually within a three (3) working day period but it can be longer during peak periods which occur at the beginning of each semester. It may take longer for the clearance of international students due to extra processing steps. A student must be cleared for a particular department only ONCE as long as the student remains employed in that department. Only budget changes or pay rate changes require new clearance forms for current employees.

      If a student is not eligible to be cleared, the submitter of the clearance form and the student will be notified by email of problems.

    3. Pay rates
      1. Pay rates must correspond to the Student Employment Categories and Ranges.
      2. Pay rates and budget changes
        1. Must submit a new clearance form
        2. Will begin on the first day of a new upcoming pay period
        3. Must correspond to pay start date on the clearance form
        4. Must correspond to the Student Employment Categories and Levels
        5. Will replace existing pay rates
        6. Can not be backdated
        7. Pay rate changes can only be done at the beginning of a payroll period
        8. Must be only one pay rate per budget number
        9. Pay rate increase are not mandatory
        10. Students must be paid the same wage if doing the same duties
    4. 1000 Hour Report:

      This report is not available at this time. Student should still be monitored.

      The 1000 Hour Report is distributed each month after payroll has been completed. It will provide information on each student's reported accumulating hours in the department. The report will also show the sum of total accumulated hours reported by the student throughout campus. The student earnings report dollar amount will not match the 1000 Hour Report. For more information about the 1000 hour policy, see Section VIII, A.

    5. Separation/Termination
      1. Each department is responsible for removing students from their payroll when they will definitely not be returning to that department to continue work. This eliminates the chance of student error when using the time clock system.
      2. In order to separate (remove) a student worker, complete the online separation form.
  2. Federal Work Study

    Students are awarded work study through the Financial Aid Office for Fall/Spring (Academic year) or Summer. Students will be notified of award eligibility by accessing My Missouri State under the Profile tab.

    Academic year awards expire on Spring Commencement day and Summer awards at the end of Summer Finals.

    Work study contracts/requests are mailed to all departments and off-campus agencies twice a year: Once before the academic year (Fall/Spring) and once before the Summer Semester. These contract/requests must be completed, signed, and returned to Student Employment before any work study students can be assigned. Contracts should be completed as thoroughly as possible, so that work study students may be placed appropriately.

    1. Work Study Eligibility

      In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements in Section III, work study students must:

      • Must have the FAFSA on file with Missouri State
      • Must have financial need
    2. Hiring Instructions for New Work Study Students
      1. Have any student contacted for employment access My Information online to determine if they are work study eligible.
      2. If the student is work study eligible, a Work Study Employment Referral Form must be obtained by the student from Student Employment to take to the department. An authorized representative of the department and the student must sign the referral. Have the student return the form to Student Employment.
      3. The student must complete a W-4, I-9, and Direct Deposit Forms in the hiring department. The I-9 needs to be E-Verified then returned with the Work Study Referral Form for processing. Visit New Hire Paperwork for a complete list of forms.
      4. Once the student has returned the work study referral to Student Employment Services, and with the completed W-4, I-9, and Direct Deposit Form, a copy of the work study referral will be returned to the department.

        Complete a Termination Form when a student is separated from employment.

      5. The work study referral expires on Spring Commencement Day for the academic year (Fall/Spring) and at the end of Summer Finals for summer work study.
    3. Returning Work Study Students
      1. Determine the student's work study eligibility by having the student access their Financial Aid Award letter on My Information.
      2. Request a new work study referral.
      3. Return the signed referral to Student Employment.



    If the student desires, work study awards may be divided between more than one department. A new work study employment referral must be submitted for each employment site.

    Students having a valid reason to change departments (i.e. schedule changes) should access the online Job System to select another position and complete a new work study referral form with the Financial Aid Technician for Work Study at Student Employment Services.

    Work study pay rates must comply with the Student Pay Categories described in this manual. Budget paid students and work study students must be paid the same rate of pay if they are performing the same job duties.

    Departments should carefully monitor work study earnings to ensure the student does not exceed the work study award. A follow up notification is sent to departments when a student has only 18% of their award left. The Financial Aid Technician for Work Study will determine if a student has unmet financial need and the original work study award can be increased as long as work study funds remain. The department will be notified by letter of the additional amount. Students will be able to monitor their work study awards on My Information.

    If the award cannot be increased, the student must either be changed to departmental budget by means of the online clearance form or must stop working. Departments will be held liable for any wages incurred after the work study award is depleted.

  3. Payroll and Timekeeping

    A minor responsibility of the student employee's supervisor is to ensure that student employee payroll information is complete, accurate, and submitted to the Payroll Office in a timely manner. The supervisor should become thoroughly familiar with the payroll procedures and deadlines.

    The annual student payroll schedule is available on the web at strongly suggest that it be printed and displayed where students can see it.

    1. Time Records

      Time is recorded via Banner. Time can be entered into banner by the student employee or by the department. For more information about time entry visit

      1. In and out times are to be recorded to the nearest quarter hour.

        Minutes should be recorded in the following manner:

        0 - 7 .00
        8 - 22 .25
        23 - 37 .50
        38 - 52 .75
        53 - 59 .00 + 1 hour
      2. The University work week begins 12:01 AM Monday and ends at 12:00 Midnight Sunday.
      3. No advances can be processed during the month of December, so it is especially important to have correct time submitted by the payroll period deadline. The pay schedule can be found at
    2. Management (Department) Responsibilities
      1. Only allow students to work if Student Employment has properly cleared them. A student is properly cleared when the department and student are notified by email (budget workers), and when the student can see their time sheet on self-service Banner.
      2. Follow directions in Section 2, above pertaining to the completion of the time sheets.
    3. Payment For Work
      1. Paydays are based on the published payroll schedule.
      2. Payment will be direct deposited into a student employee's designated account and recorded on their accounts per individual bank's processing schedule.
      3. Direct deposit changes made in Financial Aid will not affect the direct deposit for payroll. A separate form will need to be completed with the Payroll Office.
      4. Direct deposit changes should be made in the Payroll Office. Direct deposit changes must be made one week before the next payday. All changes are due no later than one week before payday to affect that month's bank information.
      5. It is recommended students leave their bank accounts open one month after leaving school.
      6. Any student employee who has University charges over 30 days old will have his/her direct deposit converted to a paycheck which will be sent to the Bursar's Office. The student will need to proceed to the Bursar's Office to take care of the obligation. Refer to My Information for any overdue charges.
        1. Log on to My Missouri State
        2. Select My Money to view your account balance and statement, payment, fee, and encumbrance information.
      7. Student employees may find their Payroll Earnings Statements on-line under My Information, under My Payroll Information. Students may print copies of their Earnings Statements for their records.
      8. All wages paid to a student employee by the University, including those earned through the Federal Work Study Program, are subject to federal and state income taxes. Questions on exemptions or withholding for taxes may be directed to the Payroll Office. See Section VIII, Part C.
      9. At the end of the calendar year, each employee receives a Wage and Tax Statement (W-2 Form) and/or 1042 Form for certain international employees. The forms are mailed to the address recorded on the employee's W-4 withholding certificate. A change of address or name change in Records does not affect the W-2 and/or 1042s address. A new W-4 form must be completed in either the Payroll Office or Student Employment Services.
      10. Any student claiming exempt must renew the exempt status by December 31 of each year in order to maintain the status by filing out a new W-4 form in Student Employment Services. After December 31, taxes are calculated at the highest rate as required by the Internal Revenue Service and Missouri Department of Revenue.

        See Section IV for International Students

  4. Meals and Break Times

    Paid breaks are optional when student work less than a 4-hour block of time and should be only 15 minutes in duration. Breaks are not used to report late or leave early. Students should take a meal break of at least 30 minutes if they work more than six (6) consecutive hours. All meal breaks are unpaid.