Op7.16-1 Introduction

This guide is designed for use by both University managers and supervisors who hire and/or supervise students who work in Federal Work Study and/or general student employment positions. Answers to various questions concerning policies, procedures, supervisor responsibilities and student responsibilities are provided for the user in this guide.

Missouri State University offers two distinct employment opportunities for students:  the Federal Work Study Program and general student employment. The similarities and differences in policies and procedures for these programs are also contained in this guide.

The University supports consistent application of student personnel policies and procedures throughout campus. The University's student payroll program applies the principle of "equal pay for equal work" through placement of positions with similar duties and responsibilities in the same classification and pay range.

It is the responsibility of University administrators, supervisors and managers to determine, in accordance with the policies as outlined herein, the specific pay category for student employees based on the job duties performed, and to determine the proper compensation for these student employees within the hiring ranges established for the pay category they hold based on internal equity and on education and experience. The placement of a student into a pay category is based on the duties performed by the student employee, not the educational level of the student at the University.