Administering and Processing Student Employment

Op7.15-7 Administering and Processing Student Employment

  1. Student Employment Clearance

    Departments are responsible for submitting a Student Clearance Form to Student Employment Services to hire a student. This form allows student employees to be placed on the payroll system. New student employees are required to complete the W-4, I-9, and Direct Deposit forms. These forms are available in the hiring department and must be completed before working. Students should be prepared to complete the I-9 form by bringing their proper identification and proof of eligibility to work. No faxes or copies of these documents will be accepted. A current voided blank check must accompany the Direct Deposit Form.

    Students must have a valid Social Security number. Numbers that begin with "899" or "900" are not valid for employment purposes. Federal regulations require valid social security numbers for payroll reporting. Students must apply for a valid Social Security number either with the Office of International Students if an international student, or the Social Security Administration if a domestic student.

    New International students must contact the International Payroll Specialist via the email address to obtain a username and password for the online Foreign National Information System form. This information is used for determining the appropriate tax status for the foreign national student. Once the form has been completed and submitted, the student will need to schedule an appointment with the International Payroll Specialist located in the Payroll Office in order to complete the W-4, I-9, and Direct Deposit forms.

  2. Federal Work Study

    Federal Work Study (FWS) is not like a grant or loan where you receive the money in a lump sum. It is a regular job where you work then get paid for the hours that you worked in that pay period.

    Students are awarded work study through the Financial Aid Office for Fall/Spring (Academic year) or Summer. Students will be notified of award eligibility and will have access to a work study Information Form through My Missouri State.

    The work study Information Form must be completed and brought (Blair-Shannon 113) or mailed to Student Employment Services at 901 S. National, Springfield, MO 65897. Awards expire at the end of each semester on the last day of finals.

    New work-study students must make an appointment with the Financial Aid Technician for Work Study in the Student Employment Services to be placed in a department to work. At this appointment, the student is made aware of available jobs on and off campus in his/her field of interest. Upon selecting a department, a referral form is filled out for the student to take to the department of choice and a contact person is identified so an interview can be held. The student may elect to accept or decline the position if offered by the department. This must be indicated on the referral form, signed and returned to Student Employment.

    New work study students must complete W-4, I-9, and Direct Deposit forms available in the hiring department.

    Students returning to the same department must request a renewal work study referral directly from the Financial Aid Technician for Work Study. After the department and student sign the form it must be returned to the Student Employment Office. The student may begin work at that time.

    After completion of the referral form and I-9/W4 if necessary, a copy of the referral will be sent to the department within three working days, longer during peak periods, which occur at the beginning of each new semester.

    If the student desires, work study awards may be divided between more than one department. Another appointment and referral must be submitted for each referral/employment site.

    Students having a valid reason to change departments (example: schedule changes) must make an appointment with the Financial Aid Technician for Work Study to select another department and complete another referral form.

    The work study referral expires on Spring commencement day for the academic year (Fall/Spring), Fall commencement day for Fall graduates, and at the end of Summer Finals for summer work study.

    International students are not eligible for the Federal Work Study program.

  3. Time Records

    Time entry is done via My Missouri State. Review instructions on student Banner time entry.

    Minutes should be recorded in the following manner:

    Minutes Quarter Hour
    0 - 7 .00
    8 - 22 .25
    23 - 37 .50
    38 - 52 .75
    53 - 59 .00 + 1 hour

    The University workweek begins 12:01 AM Monday and ends at 12:00 Midnight Sunday.

  4. Payment for Work

    Student employees are paid once a month and receive hourly wages according to the classification of their positions. Paydays are based on the published schedule on the web site Pay periods begin at 12:01 AM Monday and end at 12:00 Midnight the following Sunday. Payment will be direct deposited.

    Payroll Earnings Statements are available on-line at:

    My Missouri State, under the Work Resources tab, Banner Self-Service folder, Employee folder, Pay Information folder. Students may print copies of their Earnings Statement for their records.

    All wages paid to a student employee by the University, including those earned through the Federal Work Study Program, are subject to federal and state income taxes. Questions on exemptions or withholding for taxes may be directed to the Payroll Office.

    Student employees may be eligible to receive raises at the discretion of the employing department. Raises will begin on the first day of a new upcoming pay period.

    At the end of the calendar year, each employee receives a Wage and Tax Statement, the W-2 Form and/or 1042s Form for certain international employees. The forms are mailed to the address recorded under My Missouri State, Profile tab, Address. A change of address or name change in Records does not affect the 1042s address and should be changed by the International Payroll Accountant. If the W-2 form has not been received by the first week in February, the student should contact the Payroll Office.

    Any student claiming exempt must renew that status by December 31 of each year in order to maintain the status, by filling out a new W-4 in the Student Employment Services. Students who fail to complete the new W-4 will have taxes withheld at the highest rate as required by the IRS and Missouri Department of Revenue.

    International students whose tax status is non-resident alien cannot claim exempt.

  5. Direct Deposit

    All new direct deposits can be put on at any time. Changes can be made in the Payroll Office, Carrington 119, or through My Missouri State, Profile tab from one day after a payday through one week before the next payday. If a direct deposit change is turned in too late, it will be held until the following pay period is open for changes. All changes are due no later than one week before payday and subject to individual bank processing schedule.

    Direct deposit changes made in Financial Aid will not affect direct deposit information for payroll. A separate form will need to be completed with the Payroll Office.

    WHEN MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR DIRECT DEPOSIT, PLEASE VERIFY the changes on your account(s) before you rely on them, and do not close your old account until the new account has received your new deposit. This could catch any mistakes made and keep you from having overdraft charges on your checking account.

    International students who plan to leave the United States prior to receiving their last pay should notify the International Payroll Specialist, and are encouraged to keep their bank accounts open. There will be no special pay arrangements to receive pay before leaving the country.

  6. Break and Meal Times

    Paid breaks are optional when students work a 4-hour block of time and should be only 15 minutes in duration. Breaks are not used to report late or leave early. Students should take a meal break of at least 30 minutes if they work more than six (6) consecutive hours. All meal breaks are unpaid.

  7. Training

    The training process can vary from a very informal get together with the supervisor on the first working day to an elaborate program consisting of training workshops or classes. Students should look at every working day as an opportunity to learn and to develop characteristics of good judgment, dependability, initiative and responsibility. On the first day of work, the supervisor and the student worker should review the student's responsibilities and hours. At this time, the student may be introduced to the people she/he will be working with. The student should listen carefully and ask questions as necessary to understand his/her responsibilities and the department's policies and procedures. If they are not provided, the student should ask for the names and positions of the department's staff and find out about working conditions such as how, and to whom, absences or tardiness should be reported. It would be a good idea to make a note of the supervisor's name and phone extension. The students should provide their supervisors with their own phone number and their schedule of classes.