Applying for On-Campus Employment

Op7.15-5 Applying for On-Campus Employment

Students desiring to work on campus should first determine if they are eligible to participate in either the Federal Work Study Program or general student employment according to the preceding student employment criteria. Students eligible for general employment need to contact Student Employment Services located in 113 Blair Shannon, 417-836-5627, to view and receive referrals for available on-campus positions. Current positions may also be viewed on the Student Employment website. See Section VII. B. for Federal Work Study.

International students are required to have their employment eligibility verified prior to completing the I-9 and appropriate tax documents and prior to the beginning of each additional job. The International Student Temporary on Campus Employment Verification form can be obtained in the Payroll Office. International students have the responsibility to inform the hiring department if they are also working for any of the on-campus vendors, such as university food service or any Plaster Student Union food services.