Eligibility for Student Employment

Op7.15-4 Eligibility for Student Employment

In order for a student to qualify for Student Employment, the following criteria must be met:

  1. During the regular school year students must be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours for the semester in which they are employed.

    EXCEPTION: Students enrolled in only the number of credit hours required to graduate can be considered half-time students if they are in their last semester of course work. These students would be eligible for student employment with written verification from either the degree check office or the graduate office that their reduced course load will complete graduation requirements. This exemption would be applicable for one semester and applies only to continued employment from the previous semester.
  2. For summer, the student must be enrolled for three (3) credit hours. Students not enrolled in summer classes must have been enrolled for at least six (6) credit hours in the spring and pre-registered for at least six (6) credit hours for the upcoming fall semester. International undergraduate student employees must be pre-registered for at least 12 credit hours. International graduate student employees must be pre-registered in at least nine (9) credit hours.

    EXCEPTION: In order to work during the summer, work-study students must be awarded summer work-study through Financial Aid and be enrolled in a minimum of three (3) credit hours.

    International students who meet Missouri State enrollment requirements but do not meet U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) full-time enrollment requirements must have a letter from the Designated School Official in the International Services office certifying their eligibility to work. Note: International students from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, or South Korea who were in the United States in student status on or prior to June 10, 1998 may be eligible to carry less than full-time status. These students should obtain the Designated School Official's approval signature for their I-20 PRIOR to their interview with the International Payroll Specialist.
  3. To work between semesters, a student employee must be pre-registered for the upcoming semester and have been enrolled for the previous semester.
  4. Students new to the University may begin working the semester they start classes. Those students not eligible for student employment in a given semester may not begin in a student position until the day after graduation of the current semester if they are registered for the upcoming semester. Student employees must continue to be enrolled for the appropriate number of credit hours in order to be eligible for continuation of employment in a student position.

    Student employees who drop below the applicable minimum semester hours of enrollment, withdraw or are suspended are not eligible to work. If the employing department wishes to continue such a person as an employee in a staff position, the department may do so in accordance with the Staff Employee Handbook. In most cases, this is a temporary staff position cleared through Human Resources.
  5. A student employee who is not returning to the University the following semester must terminate employment by the LAST DAY OF FINALS.
  6. All student employees must be degree-seeking.
  7. Students on academic probation (GPA less than 2.00) or suspension cannot be employed unless an appeal for an exception is approved by Student Employment. Appeal forms can be obtained at the Office of Student Employment. Work study students on academic probation must appeal through the Financial Aid Office.
  8. International Students see Section VIII for additional work eligibility requirements.
  9. Student athletes, whether receiving a scholarship or not, must complete required NCAA paperwork in the Athletic Compliance Office PRIOR to beginning any employment.

Note: Eligibility requirements for student employment are separate from criteria required for Social Security tax-exempt status. See Section VI.