Part-time Employees (50% FTE: 1,000 hours to 74% FTE: 1,559 hours)

Op7.11 Part-time Employees (50% FTE: 1,000 hours to 74% FTE: 1,559 hours)

  • Part-time 50% FTE employees may not work more than 1,000 hours in a rolling 12-month period. Part-time 74% FTE employees may not work more than 1,559 hours in a rolling 12-month period. The rolling 12-month period is not:
    • a calendar year, i.e., January to December, nor
    • a budget year, i.e., July to June, nor
    • does it start over after an employee has been employed for one year.
  • The rolling 12-month period is best defined by the following example. A part-time employee is hired in November 2011 and works 12 months, into October 2012. The employee continues to work in November 2012, thus the hours he/she worked in November 2011 would no longer be counted toward the 1,000/1559 hour limit, but the hours worked in November 2012 would count toward the limit.
  • At no time during the rolling 12-month period, should a part-time employee have accumulated:
    • more than 1000 hours of work if 50% FTE
    • more than 1559 hours of work if 74% FTE
  • In a rolling 12-month period, part-time employees can work:
    • approximately 20 hours per week if 50% FTE
    • approximately 29 hours per week if 74% FTE
  • If a part-time employee is working for more than one department, the 1,000 or 1559 hour limit includes all hours worked by the employee in all departments; the employee is not allowed to work 1,000/1559 hours in each department.
  • The 1000/1559 hour limit will also include all hours worked by a person who has worked for Missouri State University through an outside temporary employment service, e.g., PenMac, Express, etc., and then hired by Missouri State University as a part-time employee.
  • When a person is rehired by the University as a part-time employee, any hours worked previously for any department on campus during the last 12 months, whether as a part-time employee or as an employee of an outside temporary employment service, will be counted towards accumulation of the 1,000/1559 hours.
  • The online Part-Time Hours Report is available for Time sheet Approvers. Approvers may view this report via the My Missouri State Portal page on the Work Resources tab, in the Payroll Assistance channel. The report will update each pay period and time approvers will have current information on the hours the part-time employees have worked during a rolling 12 month period. Approvers should review the online report monthly, and if your employee(s) are over their allotted amount of hours in a rolling 12 month period reduce their hours accordingly.

    Allotted Hours
    50% FTE limited to 1000 hours.
    74% FTE limited to 1559 hours.
    • The hours worked by part time staff employees paid on a monthly or job basis, such as, Per Course Faculty, Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants, and Teacher Assistants, will not be listed on the online report. It is the departmental supervisor's responsibility to monitor the hours worked to ensure that the employee does not exceed the 1,000/1559 hour limitation.