HIPAA Training for Researchers

Op7.07-7 HIPAA Training for Researchers

Welcome to the HIPAA Research Training Module – an online training program for those who will conduct research involving protected health information (PHI). The Research Training Module is a supplement to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Training Module, training. You are expected to complete the latter before you begin the Research Training Module.

Documentation that you have completed both modules is required before an application to conduct research involving PHI is approved by the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Participants (IRB).

If you are a university user, please key in your BearPass Card and PIN numbers using the hot link AT THE BOTTOM of the last screen of the narrative section to certify completion of this training module. If you are an off-campus user and will be involved in a research project, you have already received a guest account. The guest account is valid for two weeks after which you will have to obtain another guest account to access the training modules. To certify completion of the Research Training Module, off-campus users will access the same hot link at the bottom of the screen in the narrative section, and will then print and submit the required form to the Privacy Officer within the Health Care Component that will conduct the research project. A copy of this form also must accompany the application for approval of the project by the IRB.