Intercollegiate Athletics

Op6.08 Intercollegiate Athletics

  1. Pursuant to Governing Policy G1.30, the Board, as the fiduciary body for Missouri State University, carries out oversight of the Intercollegiate Athletics program. The Board has delegated administrative responsibility for intercollegiate athletics and the management to the Office of the President. The President or his/her designee will do the following:
    1. Provide to the Board standards of accountability and benchmarks against which to measure the success of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program.
    2. Provide the Board for its review and approval the athletics budget as part of the regular University budget process, including revenue, expenditures, compensation procedures for Athletic Director and coaches, and gift policies, in keeping with the Board’s overall responsibility as financial stewards of the University.
    3. Including in new Board member orientation a review of all policies pertaining to athletics. This orientation is designed to educate Board members to their responsibilities concerning intercollegiate athletics and to clarify expectations for the Athletics Department and its place within the larger University culture and mission and its tone, direction and values. This orientation process should further include a review of: the impact of intercollegiate athletics on campus culture, the academic profile of athletes compared with other students, the University’s financial commitment to athletics, the relationship to the athletic conference to which the University belongs, and the NCAA rules that apply to Boards and Board members.
    4. Ensuring the full integration of the Athletics Department into the administrative structure of the University by working with the Board and Athletics Department.
    5. Periodically, conducting a review of governance policies related to intercollegiate athletics.
    6. Exercising ultimate responsibility for the conduct and control of the Athletics Department, including all personnel decisions (hiring, firing, compensation, etc.), corporate partnerships, television contracts, booster clubs, and affiliated organizations, including their private fundraising efforts.
    7. Setting appropriate standards of accountability and benchmarks against which to measure the success of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program. Standards and benchmarks should include finances, admissions, student-athlete well-being, academic advising, graduation rates, facilities, capital expenditures and conflict-of-interest policies.
    8. Establishing and upholding, with the faculty and administration, academic and eligibility standards for student-athletes that reflect the University’s academic values and mission.
    9. Communicating to the Board of Governors on his or her fulfillment of responsibilities as they relate to agreed-upon goals, standards and benchmarks of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program.
    10. Reviewing, with the Board, the NCAA institutional self-study and certification process and the University’s compliance with Title IX provisions concerning gender equity, as well as departmental compliance with any laws and regulations to which the University is subject.
    11. Communicating clearly with the Board, coaches, administrators, students, faculty, boosters and alumni concerning: compliance with University, conference and NCAA rules and regulations; the mission, values and goals of the Athletics Department; appropriate stewardship of and contact with donors and students; and the acceptance of benefits from the Athletics Department.
  2. The Athletics Department of Missouri State University shall do the following:
    1. Develop a mission statement that reflects the University’s mission and academic values, and establish expectations for standards of behavior for coaches and student athletes appropriate to their positions as representatives of the University. These standards will be upheld through normal University disciplinary procedures and, as appropriate, local and state procedures.
    2. Provide information concerning standards of accountability and benchmarks to the President and the Board and the department’s success in meeting those standards.
    3. Adhere to NCAA rules and regulations relating to the time demands placed on student-athletes, meeting them in spirit and in practice.
    4. Ensure that the Athletics Department is complying with provisions concerning gender equity and with all University, conference and NCAA rules and regulations to which the University is subject.
    5. Report NCAA violations according to procedures established by the existing standing committee with purview over athletics.