Student-Athlete Name, Image, Likeness Rights and Athletic Reputation Policy

Op6.09 Student-Athlete Name, Image, Likeness Rights and Athletic Reputation Policy

Consistent with Missouri State law and Interim NCAA Policy, Missouri State University (“University”) adopts the following Student Athlete Name, Image, Likeness Rights and Athletic Reputation Policy (“Policy”). Subject to the terms set forth below and pursuant to this Policy, University Student Athletes, may: i) receive compensation from third-party for the use of the Student Athletes, name, image, likeness rights, or athletic reputation and ii) obtain professional representation, and still maintain their eligibility under the University’s intercollegiate sports program.

I. Definitions

As used in this Policy, the following terms have the following meaning:

Professional Representation -- representation in relation to contracts or legal matters, including but not limited to, representation provided by Missouri licensed athlete agents, financial advisors, or legal representation provided by attorneys.

Student Athlete – an individual who participates or has participated in a University intercollegiate sport. Student Athlete does not include participants in University intramural, club, or professional sports outside of the University’s intercollegiate athletics program.

Third Party – any individual or entity, including any athlete agent, or attorney. Third Party does not include any postsecondary educational institution, athletic conference, or athletic association.

University Trademarks – means the name of the University as utilized by the University for intercollegiate athletics as well as all logos, images, and other University indicia of its intercollegiate sports program(s).

II. Effect of Compensation/Professional Representation Under this Policy

A. A Student Athlete who i) receives compensation from a third party pursuant to an agreement for the use of the Student Athlete’s name, image, likeness rights, or athletic reputation, or ii) obtains professional representation in relation to legal matters, consistent with this policy will:

  • Be able to fully participate in the University’s intercollegiate athletic program.
  • Not receive any revocation or reduction in the University’s grant-in-aid or stipend eligibility, amount, duration, or renewal.

III. Disclosure of Third-Party Agreements and Review by University

Before any agreement subject to this Policy is signed and before any compensation is provided to the Student Athlete, the Student Athlete must disclose that contract to the University through the COMPASSNIL portal (Compass).

Following receipt of an Agreement, the University’s Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance, or designee, will review the agreement for consistency with: i) this Policy, ii) other University agreements, and iii) NCAA and Conference rules. The University will respond to the Student Athlete’s request for review within five (5) business days following disclosure. For the avoidance of doubt, the University’s review of any agreements will not address the financial / legal advisability of the terms of the agreement. All information submitted pursuant to this Policy, including any proposed agreements submitted, will be retained as a part of the Student Athlete’s education record and subject to protection under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and corresponding university policy.

IV. Student Athlete Release to University – Name, Image, Likeness Rights and Athletic Reputation

In order to participate in intercollegiate athletics, each Student Athlete acknowledges and agrees to the following release:

For the benefits provided to me as a NCAA Division I student athlete at Missouri State University, I hereby grant to the Board of Governors of Missouri State University (“University”), affiliated athletic Conference ("Conference"), and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) and their assigns the right to publish, duplicate, print, broadcast or otherwise use in any manner or media, my name, voice, photograph, likeness or other image or descriptors of myself for the purpose broadcasting, promoting, or marketing intercollegiate athletics, University intercollegiate athletics, Conference athletics, or NCAA athletics, including without limitation uses in promotional and marketing materials and such uses by media companies including but not limited to any and all other entities with broadcast and re-broadcast rights to University, MVC, or NCAA athletic events in which University participates. All such uses shall be consistent with all applicable NCAA and MVC rules and regulations. This Release shall be in effect for an indefinite period of time. I agree that neither I nor my heirs shall be entitled to any compensation for the use of my name, voice, photographs, likeness or other image or descriptors of myself which are covered by this Release. I understand that my participation as a Student Athlete signifies my consent to this Release and is a requirement to participate in intercollegiate athletics of University.

V. University Provided Financial Development Program

The University will make available to Student Athletes a Financial Development Program through access to the CompassNIL platform (“Program”). The Program will be available on demand. Consistent with Missouri law, this Program will not include any marketing, advertising, referral, or solicitation for financial products or services.

VI. Prohibited Activities under this Policy

This Policy does not allow (and the University will not approve any Agreement that includes):

  • compensation for Student Athlete participation in University intercollegiate athletics, or Student Athlete achievement in University intercollegiate athletics.
  • agreements used by the University, or any third-party, as contingent on enrollment, maintained enrollment, or transferred enrollment at a particular postsecondary school (including University).
  • the University or any officer, director, or employee to compensate or cause compensation to be directed to a Student Athlete, prospective Student Athlete, or the family of a Student Athlete/prospective Student Athlete for the use of such student athlete or prospective student’s athlete’s name, image, likeness rights, or athletic reputation.
  • a Student Athlete to enter into any agreement to compensate for a Student Athlete’s name, image, likeness rights or athletic representation while participating in team Required Athletically Related Activities, as maintained by the University’s Athletic Department.
  • a Student Athlete to enter into a contract for compensation for the use of such Student Athlete’s name, image, likeness rights, or athletic representation that conflicts with a contract between the University and another party.
  • a Student Athlete to utilize any University Trademark in connection with a contract for compensation for the use of the Student Athlete’s name, image, likeness rights or athletic representation.
  • a Student Athlete to communicate in connection with a contract for compensation for the use of the Student Athlete’s name, image, likeness rights or athletic representation, whether explicitly or implicitly, that the University endorses, supports, or uses a third-party product or service. For example, a Student Athlete cannot refer to themselves as a “Missouri State” athlete by agreement but may refer to their participation in an intercollegiate athletic team.

University is obligated to report and respond to any prohibited activity relating to this Policy consistent with NCAA Bylaws, Conference rules, and University policies. Violations of this Policy may result in Student Athlete discipline, including but not limited to dismissal from intercollege athletics or, in the case of University employees, termination.