Faculty-Student Judicial Commission

Op5.07 Faculty-Student Judicial Commission

The Faculty-Student Judicial Commission (FSJC) is the highest appellate judicial authority that sits as a panel for appellate review. Its authority is confirmed by the President of the University.

It hears appealable decisions made by the Dean of Students or by the University Hearing Board and accepts referrals from the Provost and from the Vice President of Student Affairs. The FSJC has jurisdiction over all students and all student organizations charged with violating the Standard of Conduct and other university policies, rules, and regulations.

The FSJC is an appellate body only. It does not rehear testimony and review evidence. There is no inherent right of a student or accusers to present oral testimony before the FSJC. The FSJC has the authority to affirm or reverse the lower judicial authority’s decision or to remand the case to a lower judicial authority, ordering that lower authority to rehear a case, modify a sanction, or impose a disposition consistent with the order of the appellate body.