Applicants for Admission with Criminal Backgrounds and Disciplinary History

Op5.01-2 Applicants for Admission with Criminal Backgrounds and Disciplinary History

Except as otherwise provided herein, all application forms for both undergraduate and graduate admissions shall include a question regarding an applicant’s prior disciplinary and criminal history.

If a student responds affirmatively, the Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions staffs and the Office of the Dean of Students will review information provided by the applicant and may request additional information and a personal interview with the applicant prior to reaching an admissions decision.

The University reserves the right to deny admission to an applicant or admit with restrictions based upon the review of the material provided at admission. Failure to provide accurate and honest information in the admission’s process may result in the denial of admission or rescission prior to enrollment with the University. Any student who fails to provide accurate information regarding prior disciplinary and/or criminal history when applying to the University, and such omission is discovered after the student’s enrollment, may be subject to conduct charges and consequences that may include suspension or dismissal.

NOTE: Graduate programs that require applicants to submit to and successfully pass a criminal background check may omit a question regarding an applicant’s prior criminal history from their application forms. In the event that the criminal background check reveals prior criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, the academic unit leader or graduate program director must contact the Dean of Students for assistance in evaluating the report and preparing an adverse letter if appropriate.