Freshman Admission Alternatives

Op5.01-1 Freshman Admission Alternatives

Policy statement

As a selective admission institution, Missouri State University seeks to admit students with demonstrated potential for academic success. We recognize that some students have potential for success not clearly evident through standard measures of class rank, grade point average, and test scores. The following admission alternatives are available to students who do not meet the required high school core curriculum and selection index requirements as described in the freshman admission requirements policy.

Individual review

If you do not meet our selection index requirement you may provide additional information using our supplemental application form. Your information will be reviewed by our Admissions Committee, which will make the decision regarding your admission. Students who do not meet the selection index requirement and are not approved through the individual review process may be given further consideration by a secondary review committee upon the recommendation of a member of the University faculty or staff.

Summer session admission

If you meet the core curriculum requirement but do not meet the selection index requirement, you can be admitted for the summer session that begins in early June. You do not need to provide the supplemental application form for individual review by the Admissions Committee. If you choose admission under this option, you will be required to participate in a program administered by our Academic Advising and Transfer Center that will enhance your foundation for academic success. You will be expected to fulfill specific requirements of that program during the summer session to be eligible to enroll for the following fall semester.

Core curriculum exceptions

If you meet the selection index requirement but circumstances beyond your control made it impossible for you to complete the core curriculum requirement, you may write a letter requesting an exception to this requirement. Your letter must be accompanied by a letter from your counselor or another school official explaining the circumstances which prevented you from completing the core curriculum requirement. Your request will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee, which will make the decision on your admission.

Transfer admission

If you choose to begin at another college or university and earn 24 or more hours of transferable credit (completed after high school graduation) with at least a 2.00 grade point average, you will qualify for admission in accordance with our transfer admission policy.

The Missouri State University system includes an open admission campus in West Plains. Students who do not qualify for admission to the Springfield Campus may begin at the West Plains Campus, which offers programs that enable students to transfer seamlessly to Springfield. For information on the West Plains Campus, please visit or call 417-255-7955.