Gender-Inclusive Housing

Op5.13-9 Gender-Inclusive Housing

Missouri State University’s Department of Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services (Department) seeks to provide a living environment welcoming and inclusive to all residents, including those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community. The Department has established this Gender-Inclusive Housing Policy (and corresponding procedure) to assist residents wishing to reside in university housing where the gender of the roommates, suitemates, and/or floormates is not taken into consideration when the housing is assigned through the Department’s assignment process.

Gender-Inclusive Housing is intended to support all residents and is available to any LGBTQ+ resident who feels they would be more comfortable in a gender inclusive room / suite, as well as to any resident who believes they could provide a welcoming and inclusive space for another resident based on that resident’s gender identity.

The Department’s housing application includes a designated field for residents to indicate their interests in Gender-Inclusive Housing. The Department’s housing assignment personnel will then work with residents to identify available Gender-Inclusive Housing. The Department will strive to facilitate any request for Gender-Inclusive Housing; however, the Department cannot guarantee that roommates, suitemates, and/or floormates will hold the same gender identity as the requesting resident.

Consistent with the university’s Non-Discrimination Policy, the university will not retaliate against any resident based on a request for Gender-Inclusive Housing. Any resident who believes they may be the subject of discrimination in connection with this, or any other university policy, on the basis of that resident’s gender, gender identity, or gender expression should contact the University’s Title IX Office, Carrington Hall, Suite 205, 417-836-4252;