Sabbatical Leave

Op4.03-3 Sabbatical Leave

All ranked faculty interested in making an application for either a sabbatical or an educational leave should review carefully the revised guidelines posted below. All applications are due to the Dean of the respective college by the first business day of November for leaves that will be funded or granted during the following academic year.

Dr. Ken Brown
Chief Academic Strategy Officer

Guidelines and Application for Sabbatical Leave (Updated July 22, 2021)

Sabbatical History Report (1981–2006)

Sabbatical History Report (2007–present)

Sabbatical Report Format

The following four areas comprise the basic components of the sabbatical reports that are due into the Provost Office by November 1st for those faculty who have either taken a full year sabbatical or a one semester in the spring, and March for faculty who have completed a one semester sabbatical in the fall.

  1. Briefly describe or re-state the purpose of your sabbatical and goals as presented in your approved proposal.
  2. Please provide a narrative of the status of your project at the end of your sabbatical which includes the following items:
    • Summary of work completed with description of how each specific goal was either met or unmet during the sabbatical.
    • Plans for future work or research in this area if any.
    • Please indicate when you anticipate submitting your project for publication (if applicable) and/or submitting a grant proposal for external funding for work related to this sabbatical.
    • Describe any other outcomes of this work that has been realized (awards/honors, nominations, collaboration agreements, etc.).
  3. Please attach documentation of publication or external funding for your work tied to the sabbatical, if applicable.
  4. Please provide the Office of the Provost with documentation of a future publication of your work (or other relevant accomplishment) when this occurs, to be appended to this sabbatical report.

(You need Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word to view and print these files.)