Animal Care and Use Policy (IACUC)

Op4.01-1 Animal Care and Use Policy (IACUC)

Dedication to the humane care of animals used in research and teaching is part of Missouri State University’s commitment to ethical conduct of research. Research and teaching programs at Missouri State University may involve a variety of animal subjects; however, due to space limitations and other considerations, the university does not permit invasive research on canines, felines and/or primates other than as described for teaching or implementing AVMA Canine and Feline Preventative Healthcare Guidelines. Missouri State University will conduct matters related to animal care and use in compliance with federal and state laws and implementing regulations including, but not limited to, the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (PHS Policy), and principles set forth in the Guide for the Care & Use of Laboratory Animals (Guide). Missouri State University will also assure that the university’s faculty, staff, and students understand the importance of humane care and use of animals and the university will implement practices to prevent injury and illness related to the care and use of animals.

*Invasive means entry into the body either by incision or insertion of an instrument into or through the skin or mucosa, or by any other means intended to puncture, break, or compromise the skin or mucosa.

The president will appoint an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) that has the authority to develop and implement standard operating procedures (SOP) to assure humane care and use of animals compliant with this policy and applicable laws. The president will also appoint an Institutional Official (IO) to have university system-wide responsibility for oversight of the implementation of this policy. The functions of the IACUC mandated by the AWA, PHS Policy, and the Guide include, but are not limited to:

  • Semiannual review of the institutional program for animal care and use;
  • Semiannual inspection of animal facilities and animal-study areas;
  • Submission of reports of the semiannual evaluations to the IO;
  • Review and approve, require modifications in (to secure approval) or withhold approval of those components of activities related to the care and use of animals;
  • Make recommendations to the president, IO, or other designee regarding any aspect of the animal care program, facilities, or personnel training;
  • Suspension of any animal care and use activity that does not comply with standards and approved protocols; and
  • Review of concerns involving the care and use of animals at Missouri State.

All research and educational activities in the university system involving the care and use of animals are to be approved by the IACUC before implementation.

The university will maintain an Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) that will provide persons covered by this Policy a safe workplace. Persons covered by this Policy will undergo an assessment of the potential risks and hazards associated with their involvement with animal care and use, an assessment of the medical risks, and will receive advice and training in procedures and protective measures to reduce these risks. Injury and illness related to animal care and use will be covered in accordance with Worker’s Compensation and personal health insurance as covered in other university policies.

The university shall provide training for all personnel involved in care and use of animals. Persons are not permitted to be involved in projects involving the care and use of animals until they have been certified as completing appropriate training.

The Missouri State University Office of Research Administration will maintain all records necessary and file reports as required to be in compliance with applicable federal law and implementing regulations.

Missouri State University’s IACUC will develop and maintain SOPs described elsewhere to enable implementation of the university policy described above.