Department Head Reference Guide

Op3.12 Department Head Reference Guide Introduction and Index

Reference guide use

The purpose of this reference guide is to support the Department Head as a reference in navigating through the numerous policies, forms, resources and tools for the Department Head in managing your business operations.

This informal reference guide may be used as both a training tool, and an ongoing reference – bearing in mind that policies are continuously updated, and the purpose of this guide is to reference various university policies, links, forms and procedures. This is only a reference guide – please confirm the current policy version online.

Reference Guide Advisory Committee

This guide incorporates support from a number of individuals and departments within the university. Initiated by Internal Audit and Risk Management to assist departments in areas of internal controls and policy compliance, it has been expanded to incorporate helpful review and enhancements from the following Advisory Committee members and their staff:

  • Dr. Tammy Jahnke
  • Dr. Helen Reid
  • Ms. Nila Hayes
  • Dr. Victor Matthews
  • Mr. John McAlear
  • Mr. Greg Rainwater
  • Dr. James Baker
  • Ms. Penni Groves / Mr. Clif Smart

…and many others within the various units of the university who are responsible for business functions addressed.

How often will this guide be updated?

At least annually and when a governing and/or operational policy has been updated.

What if I have questions about this guide?

Speak with your Dean, or contact Internal Audit and Risk Management at 417-836-3162.

Index of topics addressed

This guide has attempted to collect current policies and procedures, as well as online references, to assist the Department Head in finding the right answers quickly, and if not, the right people to contact, in a number of business processes. Below is an index of areas within departmental operations addressed within this guide.

  1. Assets and Property Control
  2. Budget Management and Banner Resources
  3. Cash Receipts
  4. Conflict of Interest / Ethics and Financial Disclosure (under review Research)
  5. Consultants Agreements
  6. Expense Reports and Business Meals
  7. Facilities Management
  8. FERPA
  9. Fiscal Responsibility
  10. Gifts
  11. Grants and Sponsored Contracts
  12. HIPAA Guidelines
  13. Information Security
  14. Internal Controls and Risk
  15. Petty Cash
  16. Procurement Card Purchases
  17. Purchase Requisitions and Contracting
  18. University Safety
  19. The Office of Education Abroad
  20. Telecommunications

Please note that additional sections of this guide are forthcoming – such as Hiring and Administration (faculty and staff), Exclusive Excellence, and other areas of responsibility for the department head. Thank You!