Campus Law Enforcement Policy

Op2.17 Campus Law Enforcement Policy

Springfield Police Department

Commissioned law enforcement at Missouri State University is provided, under a contract for services, by the Springfield Police Department (SPD). The SPD officers work out of a campus substation, and have full police power including arrest authority and power to search. When the substation officers are not available for any reason, other SPD officers will respond.

Department of University Safety

The Missouri State University Department of University Safety consists of a Department Director, Assistant Director for Safety, non commissioned Campus Safety Specialists, and an administrative section. The Department has a close working relationship with the federal, state, county, and city law enforcement network through the SPD. As the Department of University Safety is made aware of offenses against persons or property, they will report them to the local police. Information regarding criminal activities at addresses of university-recognized, off-campus student organizations is monitored and recorded by the administration through the SPD.

Some of the services provided by the Department of University Safety are:

  • Control of university vehicle parking and traffic
  • Escorts of university members on campus after dark
  • Observation, correction, and reporting of crime and safety hazards
  • Twenty-four hour patrol of campus
  • Security checks of university property
  • Emergency assistance as needed

The Department’s Campus Safety Specialists perform accident, crime, and loss prevention functions which include identifying vulnerability to crime, fire, and accidents, and designing and implementing programs to reduce such incidents. They also educate the university staff on how to create and maintain a safer and more secure academic and residential environment. All Missouri State University Campus Safety Specialists have the authority necessary to request identification of university members; enforce Missouri State policies, rules, regulations, and codes; and report any alleged irregularities.

Crime reporting

Any individual on the Missouri State University campus who is a victim of or observes any criminal activity should report the incident immediately to 417-836-5509 or to 911. Persons reporting criminal incidents should provide as much information as available. If possible, this should include the location, nature of injuries, the description of possible criminals, and briefly what happened. Springfield Police officers will respond to protect the victims, investigate the incident, and make arrests when necessary.

Conduct which may include criminal activity can be reported to Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services Staff or the Office of the Dean of Students solely for the purpose of accessing services available from those or other university offices. Individuals will be encouraged to report any criminal activity to the Springfield Police Department.

It is a policy of the university to regularly monitor, through the Springfield Police Department, criminal activity at off-campus locations of recognized student organizations. Reports that include such activity are obtained on a regular basis from the Police Department by the Office of University Safety. The Department of University Safety will give timely notice to the university community on certain crimes that constitute a serious or continuing threat to members of the university community.

Standard of conduct

The university is proud of its student record and reserves the right to discipline or dismiss any student who fails to maintain its standards. As a condition of admission, each student concedes to the university this power of discipline in order to preserve the university ideals of scholarship, integrity, and personal propriety. Each student is expected to accept responsibility as a member of the university and is held accountable to the Missouri State University Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, academic integrity expectations, and other university rules and regulations published on the Current Students web page and on the Missouri State University web page.

Personal safety and security

University employees and students must take an active role in their personal safety and security. Each individual is expected to function responsibly concerning his or her own personal safety as well as toward the security of their possessions. Individuals should not allow themselves to be found or placed in a situation which leaves them vulnerable to possible bodily harm. They should also secure their personal possessions and keep them safe from possible theft or damage by others at all times.

Emergency reporting

Emergencies (e.g., medical, fire, crime, etc.) should be reported to the Department of University Safety by dialing 417-836-5509, or to the Springfield-Greene County Emergency Communications Department by dialing 911. Automatic dial telephones located in the shuttle bus shelters, Bear Park North and Bear Park South, and emergency phones in various parking lots and elevators are connected directly to the University Safety Radio Communications Center and can also be used to report an emergency. Non-emergency safety concerns should be reported to the Department of University Safety at 417-836-5509.

Safety services

Crime awareness briefings

During Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR), all parents and students are briefed on safety and security. Campus Safety Specialists are available on request to address the following crime prevention programs such as:

  • Personal Safety
  • Theft Prevention


Electric engravers are available at each residence hall for individuals to mark their personal possessions.


Walking escorts are available by University Safety personnel to escort students, faculty or staff to or from any place on campus after dark. Escorts are available upon request by calling 417-835-5509.

Housing security hosts

Within each residence hall, student security hosts are available for additional assistance to students during late night and early morning hours. While on duty, the security hosts monitor the hallways, common areas, and the outside entrances.

Key control

All university keys, except Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services, are issued through the Key Control office of Facilities Management upon receipt of a key request signed by the approving authority. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Nighttime safety is enhanced by a high-intensity outdoor lighting system on the main campus. Replacement of spent exterior bulbs is accomplished jointly by the Department of University Safety and the Maintenance Department.


Free campus telephones, shuttle stop emergency phones, campus parking lot emergency phones, and elevator emergency phones are available at numerous locations on campus to provide quick-call capability to the Springfield Police Department or the Department of University Safety.

Shuttle service

Missouri State University operates a shuttle bus service for use by students, faculty, staff, and guests. The shuttle makes approximately 22 stops at locations convenient to residence halls, academic buildings, the library, and Alumni Center, the Greek organizations, Hammons Student Center, Residential area and downtown. No fares are charged during scheduled operating hours. Shuttles are accessibly to persons with disabilities.

Facilities access


Arrangements to use university facilities, including both buildings and grounds, must be made in advance through Meeting and Event Services in Plaster Student Union 302. Meeting rooms and other facilities may be reserved only by university-recognized student groups or organizations, and by faculty and staff.

The administration buildings, student service facilities, and academic buildings are open to the public during the regular business hours. Campus Safety Specialists secure academic, administration, and service buildings when they are not in use and only unlock them during the weekend as needed. Campus Safety Specialists routinely patrol all facilities around the clock. Entrances specifically for maintenance workers should be locked when not in use.

All buildings or facilities other than the residence halls are off limits to students after closing hours. However, Department Heads may authorize a student to work in a building after closing hours by approving the issuance of a “Building Permit” to the student through the University Safety Department. Because of the danger inherent to certain physical plant facilities, access to them is limited to staff members. These facilities are either locked or marked with a sign.

Residence halls

The university residence life, housing and dining services security access system permits residents to enter the building at all times but limits the entrance of non-residents during specified hours. Receptionists and night security staff maintain 24-hour front desk service in each residence hall.

Guests are welcome in the residence halls. However, each guest must be accompanied at all times by the resident who serves as the guest’s host. All overnight guests must be registered at the front desk at the time of arrival and all visitors must be approved by all residents of the room, suite, or apartment.

Sports facilities

Access to Hammons Student Center athletic events is permitted to ticket holders and to students presenting a Missouri State University identification card. During the posted hours, currently enrolled Missouri State University students and faculty/staff members may use all of the center’s facilities. Alumni Association members may pay a daily guest fee or purchase a yearly membership. Guests accompanied by a student, faculty, or staff member, and other members may use Hammons Student Center for a daily fee. The handball/racquetball courts at Plaster Stadium are open during posted hours to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff only. The Plaster Stadium turf surface and seating areas are closed except during select athletic events. All employees of the university may use Foster Recreation Center, Hammons Student Center, Plaster Stadium, McDonald Arena, Allison Stadium North, Allison Stadium South, and Allison Volleyball Courts under the conditions and applicable rules and when available hours at those facilities permit.

The classroom, lobby, and administrative areas of Forsythe Athletic Center are open to the public. However, the sports training facilities are limited to only specified athletic teams or as authorized by the staff trainers.

Student organizations

Fraternities, sororities and other recognized Missouri State University organizations have their own procedures to access their facilities. These organizations are responsible for keeping the shrubs and vegetation around their buildings trimmed to enhance security.

Crime information and statistics

Missouri State University has adopted security records access release guidelines which are available from the Internal Auditor, Carrington Hall 205, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Missouri State University, in compliance with Part II of the Federal Student Right-to-Know and Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act (20 USC 1092(f)), publishes an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report to provide applicants, students, parents and employees with a preview of the university public safety procedures and resources.

More information

For more information, contact:

Department of University Safety
Missouri State University
636 E. Elm
Springfield, MO 65897

View information and statistics on the Clery Act and Annual Crime Report.