Theft of/Damage to Property

Op2.13 Theft of/Damage to Property

If you discover any theft or damage to personal or university owned property, call the Missouri State University/SPD substation at 417-836-5509 to make a report of the incident. It is important that the information be reported even if you do not wish to prosecute. Do not touch anything that may have been touched by a suspect until told to do so. Most reports can be taken via the telephone. Keep records of serial numbers of personal and university property, as this is the only way the property can be traced if stolen.

Employees responsible for university property that has been assigned to them for use are required to report the loss, damage, or theft of such property as soon as is practical, to their supervisor and to the Office of University Safety. Loss or damage attributed to theft or vandalism, shall also be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the location the theft or vandalism occurred, and a copy of the official report provided to University Safety.