Campus Ban Notice for Non-Affiliated Individuals

Op2.18 Campus Ban Notice for Non-Affiliated Individuals

Missouri State University is a public institution of higher education that is generally open to the public. However, the university retains the right to restrict access to university property due to safety considerations relating to its students, faculty, staff, and visitors, or when an individual has engaged in a pattern of behavior that disrupts or interferes with university operations. This policy describes the circumstances under which access to university property may be restricted and the procedures for issuing a Campus Ban Notice (“Notice”) to individuals not affiliated with the university when appropriate.

Issuance of a Campus Ban Notice

When it is determined that an individual not affiliated with the university as a student, faculty or staff presents an ongoing threat to the campus and the campus community or refuses to comply with an official university directive or policy, the university’s office of university safety may issue a written or verbal Notice restricting that person from any property owned or controlled by the university for a period of time to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Failure to comply with the Notice could result in arrest pursuant to state law, or any applicable city ordinance.

The office of university safety will retain a file on each Notice issued, verbal or written. The file will include all relevant information and communications.

Distribution of Campus Ban Notice

University safety shall maintain a list of individuals currently issued a Notice, and will distribute such list to university offices as necessary.

Appealing a Campus Ban Notice

Individuals who receive a Notice may appeal the issuance of this Notice in writing to the Director, University Safety (“Director”):

Director University Safety, Missouri State University
C/O Office of University Safety
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897

The appeal must state the reason why the Notice is no longer appropriate. The Director, or designee, will review the written appeal and additional relevant information, and may conduct an interview with the banned individual.

After completing the review of the appeal request the Director, or designee, will provide a final determination in writing as to the status of the issued Notice.