Getting Started: Creating Your Publication

Op12.03-2 Getting Started: Creating Your Publication

When planning a publication, clients should budget at least six weeks for production time and two weeks for printing. Large projects, such as the university's student recruitment publications, require both longer production and printing times. Depending on the office's workload, smaller projects may be completed in a shorter time frame.

To ensure high quality publications for the university, creative services requires a planning meeting with the client when initiating a job. At that time, the director will discuss details concerning the project and develop a reasonable production schedule. Before the client visits creative services to discuss the project, he or she may find it helpful to consider these questions. All of the issues will be discussed in the initial interview, and the staff can be helpful in determining answers which are unclear.

  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What goal or action is the publication to accomplish?
  3. Will this publication highlight what is unique about your program, department or college?
  4. How many copies of the publication will need to be printed?
  5. What budget number will be used for this publication?
  6. Will photographs be utilized? Or are there existing, high resolution photos?
  7. Will the publication be mailed by itself, in an envelope or hand distributed?
  8. Will a coordinating design be needed for customized email?
  9. When is the publication needed?
  10. How does this publication work with your online communications?